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So, remember how Amazon and UPS screwed me out of that CD deal?

Well, turns out Nintendo revised the notice about being out of the discs and said they will now fill back orders on a "first come first served basis." They sent me an e-mail letting me know that I'm on the back order list.

So, it'd be nice to get a disc after all. Even if they never do send it (or I'm still too far down the list), it's nice to know they put me on a waiting list. I can't be THAT far down, seeing as how I only registered about 8 hours too late ;p

I guess we will see in the coming weeks.

Once July rolls around I will be registering some new things and working on that gold/platinum status for 2011-2012 XD I also plan to redeem some more of my reward points :) They do give away some nice things, if you buy enough of their first party stuff ^^; (and letting you carry points from year to year is nice of them too so you can save up for that special reward).

So, I guess I can stop being really mad at Amazon/UPS but I think next time there's a really important release, I will be doing my order at the local mall :p (Speaking of which: I'm wondering if I should cancel my year old Amazon pre-order for Skyward Sword now, and go to Game Stop... ;P )


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