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I gotta say I'm getting pretty pumped about the Zelda 25th Anniversary.

There is talk of a Super Special Awesome bundle for Skyward Sword.

Although, I really don't NEED another wiimote... the idea of a special gold Zelda wiimote with the built in "Motion Plus" makes the fangirl in me drool like a rabid raccoon.

So, I may have to go back to Gamestop and ask them if I need to reserve AGAIN if I want the super special one instead of the normal one...

Also, I have to say that the Wallpapers on the Official Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary site make me smile. Especially that one of classic Link laying in the grass free-balling. Because, as the Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past manual taught us, real heroes don't need to wear pants.

On a more personal note, I have developed some kind of tonsillitis now and I'm back on the potentially gut-destroying antibiotics that also leave that rusty taste in my mouth. This time, I'm on them for TEN days instead of 7, lucky me.


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