Apr. 17th, 2012

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I haven't written much here lately because there isn't much to report.

We are still house hunting. We have seen a few I like, but all are a bit more than I want to pay. The most recent one we saw was quite nice and was built in the 1980's. It seemed to have the original kitchen, old appliances, linoleum on the floor in the kitchen (not my favorite but...), bathrooms were also original, but looked to be in good condition. However, it needs a new roof within the next 3-5 years and possibly a new heating/cooling system.

Even without updates to the kitchen and baths, and knowing they need to fix the heating/cooling and the roof, they STILL want $162,000 which I think is outrageous. That house will need nearly $20,000 in ESSENTIAL repairs ALONE (and no, I do not mean the kitchen or baths). They either need to fix the heating/cooling and the roof or lower that price. Even if those things were taken care of, the lack of updates and all the old stuff probably means they shouldn't be asking for more than $145,000.

I dunno, our realtor is going to try and do some homework on the place, see what the repairs would cost, look at other houses that sold in the area and then give us a ballpark on what they SHOULD be charging. My guess is substantially less. It is owned by an old lady and has been sitting for a while now. Her kids kinda want it sold, so that may all work in our favor...

We'll see, otherwise I kinda liked this one... if only the roof and/or heating system was ok... I mean, I could deal with ONE major issue, but two, is a bit much to swallow right away.

I had a week off for Spring break. I drew a little, played Kid Icarus: Uprising (which is totally sweet, I LOVE the way they went overboard with the voice actors. The characters know they are in a game and totally make fun of it. The banter makes the levels fun to replay -- which is good because you have to grind a lot for items and money).

The difficulty level is on a sliding scale from 0.0 all the way up to 9.9 so it's cool that you can pick how hard the level will be. You have to place bets when you play on higher levels (and on lower levels below 2.0) but even if you die, it doesn't make you start all over if you made it to a midpoint, they just lower the intensity so you can finish. It's a very fair game.

I also recently got lost in Xenoblade Chonicles on the Wii. OMG it is the BEST RPG I have played in AGES. There are SO MANY side quests. I start playing and then all of a sudden 4 hours are gone from my life O_O It is so easy to lose track of time when playing this thing!

The battle system was a bit odd and it took some time to get used to it (it's an active system and it's a bit more intense than the usual menu flipping), but now I got it. What I like is even when you do side quests or just explore you get experience for completing the task or finding a new place. So, even if I'm just running around, I can gain levels.

You can also see all the enemies so you can engage them or just avoid them (some engage you but you can run if you have to). No random battles and invisible enemies. Also, there is no fear in exploration, even if your party gets taken out, you get to KEEP anything you found! You just get sent back to the nearest landmark. So, you can dare to be stupid because there are no penalties. In fact, I only save once every hour or so, because I don't even worry about it. The landscapes are so pretty and the music is awesome!

Anyhow, I have not played a game like that since Twilight Princess. Unless this game all of a sudden becomes a crap factory, I think I would recommend it to ANYONE who has a Wii.

Right before Spring Break I also finished the second novel in my 4-part series. It came in around 110,000 words. I started the 3rd novel, but I'm only about 20,000 words in... it's all Xenoblade's fault.

So, not a lot going on here, really...


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