Jul. 17th, 2012

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Now for the "fun" news.

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The sad part is, with all this new house stuff my poor husband should be feeling accomplished and happy. Instead, he's feeling conflicted. His family is losing everything, and here he is, buying a "new" home. I told him it's not our fault that they lived well beyond their means. And he should not be beating himself up over that. We didn't buy a freakin mansion. We didn't even buy a BIG house. We got one that fit our budget. One that we have a good chance of paying off, a little early even. I got the monthly payment I wanted (less than $900 a month). We moved to a great location (nearest grocery store and Target are less than a 5min drive from here). It's not a mansion, but it's nice enough.

And enough is really all you need.*

*(Note: Unless of course, you are one of my students asking me if your artwork is "good enough," because that suggests that you could have done better but you didn't feel like it. Ask me if it is "good" dammit!!! Leave out the "enough" part!!!)


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