Jul. 1st, 2013

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Again, I post here mostly because I can't say this on FB without her somehow finding out. So, feel free to ignore my whining.

It hasn't been horrible per se, but certainly awkward. The woman was always pretentious, but now she's adding crazy old lady to the mix. I mean, I have noticed changes in my mother in the last few years too. And my mom was always a bit of a lovable nut. But my husband's mother is becoming the kind of old lady who is judgmental and wants you to bend to her every crazy whim. Here are some of the other things she has done since her arrival...


That's enough whining for now. I pretended to go take a nap so I could write this. :p I suppose I feel particularly bad for my husband. I only hear half of her criticisms because she can't articulate herself as well in English. The poor guy hears EVERYTHING. The other day while she was in the pharmacy buying even more crap, he said to me in the car, "Thank you for saving my life." :\ I can see why his dad got lost in a bottle. It's always about her. I'm kinda glad I only have to put up with her every so many years :p I think her living 2 continents away is a good thing ;p


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