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Oh well...

Well when my realtor checked the numbers on that house, she said it's priced about right and we should expect to pay $158,000-$163,000 even if we try to start negotiations lower. Sorry, that house is NOT WORTH the asking price of $162,000. As stated in the previous entry: original 1980's bathrooms, original kitchen, appliances which look to be from the 1980's still in it.

The seller's inspector had a laundry list of about 20 minor repairs and he noted that the roof and heating system will need to be replaced within 5 years. WHY they would leave such a list lying around is beyond me, but it greatly influenced what I think the place is worth :p (What is even more inexplicable is the fact that they noted what FEW things they fixed and they were NOT the things I would have picked -- I would have fixed the leaking toilet for example, and the attic ventilation fan which is not working... they like... replaced an outlet cover or some other ridiculous little 2min/50 cent repair job, I could have done that :p)

Part of the reason she came up with that number is because I don't think she read the whole packet I read. The seller disclosure form (which is different from that inspection report) mentions the roof but what it says is that the roof was "repaired" after a hailstorm. But the inspector noted things like: roof doesn't match, shingles are brittle, replace in 5 years.

I wouldn't say that they are lying on their disclosure, but they are conveniently withholding the FULL TRUTH that the roof was patched but is by no means NEW. Hell, I could see that it wasn't new just by eyeballing the thing, and I am NOT a professional. The shingles were darker than a new one would be and the garage roof was slightly bowed, a sign that it needs to be replaced!!!

Anyhow, I think we're going to have to give up on that, because I wouldn't offer more than $145,000 for it ;p

We're going to try and see some more this weekend, all are more in my comfort zone in regards to price, but a little smaller. My realtor thinks we won't like them because they are under 1800sqft. One is like... 6 feet under 1800 :p and another is like... maybe 25... I am willing to sacrifice 100 sq ft. to knock $5,000-10,000 off the price -- and feeling small has more to do with layout than anything. I really am not comfortable with a house that is more than $155,000. I do not want to be house poor.

In other news, my in-laws have all officially skipped town now. My husband's sister left this weekend. I did not know this until last minute, buuuut it seems she changed ALL of her mailing/billing addresses to OUR address. So, we will be getting ALL of their mail for the foreseeable future.

I am not amused.

All I gotta say is when I move, I am not changing it to the new address for her (other than the usual rerouting of our mail for 6 months, but I'm not calling any billing agencies and asking them to change the record!). If she wants her statements, she will have to do it.

I wish they'd just sell all their shit and be done with it. I already saw a credit card statement for $110,000 -- which I think is the same one I saw last year. They are only paying slightly over the minimum payment each month. (The company is asking for like, $270, they are paying $300). I plugged the numbers and the minimum payment into one of those online debt calculators just for the fun of it: total owed, interest rate (which surprisingly isn't that high, I think it's their business card), and minimum payment. A pop up window came up saying that they would NEVER pay it off because the interest is more than the minimum payment XD Then it recommended that they pay about $700 a month for the next 18 years to pay it off. Damn.

The funny thing is the company is ASKING for less than the interest rate each month. So, the credit card company essentially, wants to keep them in perpetual debt for the interest. This is why you NEVER go by the minimum payment on those bills 9_9

I hope I never end up in that situation...

And then my husband wonders why I won't budge on this house thing and why I'm willing to have an old kitchen and old bathrooms... Um, have you looked at your family lately?

Incidentally, we saw a house that was so much like my dad's house it was kinda sad... Lots of DIY jobs that weren't horrible, but were a little off and far from professional looking. They were asking for a LOT too, like $145,000...

Um... the difference is my dad KNOWS his house would never sell for more than $50,000 :p Now, this one is in a better neighborhood than my mom and dad's house... but... um, I wouldn't pay more than $120,000 for it and that is being GENEROUS.

Also, they had little kids, like 4 years old and such... the parents stupidly let their kids write all over the walls in their bedrooms and bedroom closet... sooooo guess where the kids wrote next? There were letters and drawings scribbled on random walls (even cabinets!!!) all over the house. This did NOT make the house look very good. All I saw was a giant re-paint job --;

This is what happens when you do not set boundaries. The first time my kid writes on a wall, I will make them SCRUB it. I can almost guarantee they will NEVER try that shit again. When a kindergartener intentionally writes on a desk and I make them scrub it in front of all their peers, I have NEVER had a repeat offender.

So, yeah... I don't even know WHY they let people see their house like that. They are going to have a real hard time selling it!