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For All the Whiny Shit I Can't Post On Facebook...

So, for those of you who have FB you already know, I'm nearing my due date with the baby. The doctor told me this week we are basically just waiting for labor to start. This is good because my hips are killing me (because she's pressing on all my joints now) and I'm getting occasional back pain...

But minor aches and pains are not my main issue right now. No... My mother-in-law (MIL for short) is visiting for an entire month, and I know sooner or later there's going to be a few nasty rows. She hasn't even been here 24 hours yet and so far:

- She brought up us banking the cord blood: This has been an argument that my husband has had with her several times now. She insists we bank the baby's cord blood in one of those private banks. She has said she will pay for it (I've heard that one before, not falling for it seeing as how we already paid $20,000+ in credit card debts she left my husband with). I think she fails to realize it is not a one-time fee and it is hundreds/thousands of dollars annually to bank it. There are monthly fees involved and it is an on-going expense for something that is only needed in something like 1 out of every 200,000 people.

I have a LARGE family and many cousins who are currently reproducing. There are no genetic red flags in my family and my husband currently has none either (all cancers in my family hit in your 30's-40's+). My husband, my parents and I agree it is a waste of money and these companies just want to scare you into paying for their services. They promise miracle treatments.

I spoke with one of the doctors who has attended to me, and he said that the promises of miracle cures are almost all "theoretical" and most of the diseases they mention can be cured in other ways. He flat out told me "It's a waste of money and you can spend that money elsewhere..." "Like on her education..." "Exactly."

I politely informed my MIL of this and hopefully it will not come up again. (Because really, are we five? She asks him, he says "no" so she asks me to see if she will get a different answer???). She gave me the same speech she gave my husband, "Oh Murat does it..." I don't fucking care what Murat does... Murat owns his own private ambulance/alarm company in Turkey kinda like those Life Alert people. He shits money. I do not have money to spend on things that will probably never happen. I would rather spend that money on a storm shelter. We are far more likely to have a tornado (we have several watches/warnings every year) than have a baby with some rare incurable disease that requires stem cells... seriously.

I have no problems with donating it to a public bank to help other people for free, but I am NOT spending thousands of dollars on something that we probably will NEVER need (and alas, the hospital does not currently do that either...). Furthermore, my husband has a friend who has a doctorate in micro biology, and he said that unless you are treating a family member, the blood may be useless anyhow, since if the flaw is in the baby's genetics, it's probably in her cord blood stem cells too :p So, it's really only most helpful for treating others anyhow.

- She "broke" the shower curtain: This is more funny than anything because my brother did the same thing ^^; She managed to pull down the tension rod shower curtain in the guest bath. She was trying to throw a towel over it or something. It's not a hard fix, just annoying. The rod came with the house, perhaps we should look for a new one :p

- She put sugar in the meat she was cooking: I just... I have no words. She used the sugar container... wtf? Who would keep salt in a container that big???

- She threw her heavy ass, zipper covered purse on top of my freakin' Surface Pro: It took every fiber of my being not to scream and cuss her out. We were trying to locate her cell phone and I offered to call it for her. Instead of keeping her purse in the kitchen where it was, she felt the need to bring it to me and lob it right on top of the table where my tablet and keyboard cover were sitting x_x;;; She just threw it on top of my shit like she didn't give a fuck about what was already on the table.

I calmly, slid the tablet out from under it and immediately began examining the screen for scratches/damage... Thankfully, it seems unscathed (and God help her if it was damaged, she would have gotten more than an earful). I do have a year warranty on the thing, but I'm not sure it covers dumbass inconsiderate in-laws. Part of the reason I'm typing this entry is to make sure she didn't damage the keyboard cover since she threw it on top of that too :p (seems ok btw). But... OMG, my fucking tablet probably costs more than your stupid ass purse and all its contents!!! WTF?! And why is her purse covered with like 20 "decorative" zippers and why is the bottom covered in metal studs?! She is SO LUCKY she did not scratch/break the glass.

So, yeah... not even here 24 hours and she nearly killed a $900 device looking for a broke ass $5 pay as you go T-Mobile phone (it's missing half of its buttons). I think my Surface will now be permanently attached to my hands... or propped up with the screen ON where she can SEE IT, or possibly stashed under the couch so she doesn't just throw her stupid shit on top of it.

God, help me survive this month x_x;;;