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Date: 2013-07-09 03:38 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, I politely told my mom about hubby's concerns and she talked it over with my dad and decided she may leave a little earlier than a full 3 weeks. My dad informed her as a fellow guy, he would probably feel like my husband and just want everyone to go away after a while so he can find his own place. So, dad agreed that perhaps we should discuss a slightly earlier departure.

Also, my mom was going to have to cancel a bunch of appointments she had at the very end of the month on the 29th, and she was going to miss the annual family picnic on the 27th if she stayed that last weekend. I really didn't want her to miss that... So, she may leave mid week, like say the 24th, instead of at the very end of the month. We'll probably work it out when they get here.

But my mom would not act like his 9_9 Just last night MIL insisted he take her to an office supply store so she could order a stamp of her signature. The poor guy just got home from work and wanted to see his daughter. She then told him he checks on his daughter too much. We were both like WTF? She's his DAUGHTER and he didn't see her all day. I hardly think he is checking on her too much ;p and even if he is, it's not going to hurt her when she's THIS YOUNG.

Meanwhile, MIL still does not believe me when I tell her that the baby poops in the middle of every feeding and she shouldn't leave her diaper wide open. She has already soiled two blankets because of this and MIL still thinks it's a fluke and laughs about it like she wasn't expecting it. I've fed her WAY MORE than she has so far and I can say with certainty, she likes to poop right in the middle of the feeding 9_9

Also, it's weird when my MIL starts sniffing the kid like she's made of cocaine. I know new baby smell is nice and all, but sometimes she does it multiple times and she has also tried to do it while I'm feeding and has her nose practically in the baby's diaper to do it. I keep kinda hoping the baby decides to have an explosive poop when she's doing that. Sure, I'd get hit too, but it'd be worth it ;)
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