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Today is the last full day I need to endure with mother-in-law (MIL). So, I suppose I may not need to vent TOO much after this unless my own mom suddenly turns crazy. ;) (Which, can happen too sometimes, but her crazy is of a different variety).

I got up this morning with the intention to feed the baby, eat, pump and go back to bed. I ended up cleaning the kitchen instead 9_9 I just... don't have words sometimes for the things I find.

Like, no one cleaned the tea pot out... we haven't had tea in at least 3 days. She didn't wash the cutting board after using it last night. And I am always finding dishes she put away with food still stuck to them. Some are from the dishwasher so, I guess she trusts that the machine's nonexistent AI examines them for her 9_9 Dried sanitized food is still old food on my plate/utensil kthx. Some dishes I know she hand washed, so there is no excuse for dried crap still being on the handle, or business end, in that case -_-;

I also found out this morning by residual evidence and my husband's confirmation that the woman put all the bones from last night's Cornish game hens in the freakin' garbage disposal. I saw her take all the plates and put them in the sink, bones and all, before I went to make a phone call to my parents but... well, I hoped she had more sense than that. Apparently, I should never underestimate her stupidity. The woman may have a pharmacy degree, but brilliant she is not (and I think in Turkey you don't need a PhD to be a pharmacist...) Fortunately, it still seems to work and we don't use it all that often anyhow, but that's a $400+ repair job if she does break the damned thing! I did have to dislodge it of some stringy chicken waste before it sounded clear again though 9_9 It makes me wonder what she has been stuffing down it the last couple of weeks >_<;;;;;

We've already established that she leaves food out. Last night right before bed, my husband discovered that she left out some cooked rice :p Had we not seen that it would have been out all night. But one thing that kinda makes me mad is the WASTE of food.

If I had to pick one thing she has severely overbought for the last 3 weeks, I'd say it is BREAD. I swear, every place I turn there is bread, bread, bread. She was keeping some in the crock pot (I guess she hoped it wouldn't get hard in there?) She has half a baguette which is hard as a rock on top of the fridge. Next to it is sliced Italian bread (which appears to be ok still).

There are simit in the fridge which are molding. Simit are Turkish ring shaped breakfast "bagels" which are slightly harder than regular bagels and covered in sesame seeds -- she brought these from Turkey 3 weeks ago and I have not seen her eat one since she first opened them and declared that they were not very good in her mind. I want to toss them or feed them to the birds, but I may wait til she leaves so she's not insulted 9_9 Speaking of moldy bread, there is now a plastic shopping bag on the counter filled with a moldy half-used loaf of bread. We had rolls for a day or so too, but thankfully they got eaten before they went bad.

I had a conversation with her the first week about the bread thing. She keeps telling me she needs a specific kind of bread for her dishes. So, every time she makes something instead of using what we have, or planning her meals better to utilize what is already there, she runs out and buys everything. 9_9 I hate wasting food... but since she has been buying her own ingredients, I suppose I can't complain about losing any money over it. But I totally see why she's so far in debt too.

I already mentioned how she has leftovers everywhere and keeps cooking for a 6-10 person family... Well last night, she had an argument with my husband over what to serve my parents when they arrive today and she apparently said to him in Turkish, "I feel like all I've done since I got here was cook!"

ok... NO ONE SAID YOU HAD TO COOK A BAZILLION THINGS! But I know she won't eat my cooking. She turned her nose up at the ratatouille I made her first day and she still makes fun of me for serving her a pre-made lasagna last time she visited because I had just got home from work and it was an easy meal. The woman pretty much refuses to eat her own left overs and during the day she lives on Turkish coffee and cigarettes. At night, she eats ice cream at like 10pm and wonders why we never want any 9_9 She eats pretty much one meal a day... There are enough leftovers right now in the fridge to feed 3 people a fairly large portioned dinner (or 4 people a smaller portioned dinner) but she continues to cook. So, I have no sympathy for her if she thinks she's been some kind of maid. Seeing as how I clean up the kitchen every morning despite the fact that I'm technically on bed rest and I have also been doing all my own laundry as well as the baby's, I don't see why she can't be in charge of SOMETHING.

She is still hogging the baby. I felt like I didn't even get to hold my daughter at all yesterday until it was time to do the grueling night feedings 9_9 She never seems TOO interested in doing those (she offered but I don't see her sleeping with her door open or asking for the baby monitor to hear her if she cries. Also, she never writes down when she last fed or changed the baby, so she never knows when the next feeding is to be expected anyhow 9_9 ) I let her have the baby yesterday because I know she is LEAVING soon. My mom will hopefully back off a bit and let me have a turn holding her once in a while :p (and if my mom hogs the baby, I can at least talk to her about it without her leaving in a huff).

Also, I think she did scratch my Surface when she threw her purse on top of it after all 9_9 There is a tiny 1mm scratch near the top of the screen, which is not visible when its on, and you can only really see it if you angle it a certain way when it is off and the screen is black. I was mad at first, but I'm going to just try to let it go. The first scratch on anything new always makes you mad, and the thing IS meant to be carried around and probably will eventually get a few more like that before its time to replace it. It has been a few days since I discovered it, and I think I'm over it now...

She leaves tomorrow... I sooooo can't wait :p I'm glad she's leaving early, I think I would have killed her by the end of next week.

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Date: 2013-07-10 11:26 pm (UTC)
wandererriha: Sion Koku (Headdesk)
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If you hadn't killed her, I would have driven down and killed her for you. :P

I say again: you are INFINITELY more patient than I am. I would have told her where to stick it long ago. :P

PS: ...where is she even getting the MONEY to buy all this food??????


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