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2014 Has Been a Real Shit-Storm So Far...

So, most of my close friends know my hubby had to resign from his position in January. I fully supported him in this because the woman he worked for was totally going ape-shit on him and he was probably going to get fired anyhow. He simply could not keep coming home a sobbing mess. I need him to keep it together for the baby.

Anyhow, he hasn't found work yet and has fallen into a bit of a depression. I'm not too worried about him (yet) but his being unemployed means that ALL of the financial responsibilities fall on me now.

I can make MOST of our bills. Well, I can make ALL of our bills, but day care is another story. I really do need him working to justify keeping the baby in day care. It is a bit out of our budget otherwise (which would not be a problem if he simply wanted to play house husband and watch her all day, but he really would rather work). We had to move her from the REALLY NICE day care in town to a passable one near our house. This was partly because he lost his company discount when he resigned... and partly because that place is out of the way for us now.

So, yes I was in a bit of a panic the first 3 days or so after he resigned. But then, I calmed down and managed to convince myself that I've got this.

... that is until I got the monthly union newsletter today.

They pretty much said it is a CERTAINTY that they are going to cut Music, PE and Art throughout all of DDESS for next school year (2014-2015). ALL OF IT. Not just here, all across the US districts. They want us down to a 500:1 ratio.

ONLY ONE SCHOOL in our district has more than 500 kids in it, that is the middle school. The next closest is 457 -- which is at a school that I hear has no real art room, she's in a trailer. Then there is one that is 455... that one might be safe too. My school only has 258-- the second lowest in the district. The first lowest is down the road from us. Our school is SO SMALL it would not have the physical SPACE for 500 kids, so simply praying for higher enrollment is a waste of time, it will not happen...

So, what does all this mean? It means one of 5 things:

1. I might have to cross my fingers that someone will retire and I can snag their position. (Not likely at the two most populated schools -- and there are a couple of schools I REALLY DON'T want to work at unless I have NO CHOICE, one of the ladies closest to retirement is at one such school).

2. I will be split between two schools next year - I would not CARE if it was the two smallest because one is the one I'm already at, and the other is considered the "Officer's" school. So, while it would SUCK TREMENDOUSLY to have to run around all the time, I would be okay with that because the kids would be all about the same ability level.

3. They tell me I can either have no job or be an Education Technologist (providing there is a position open-- which would be better than nothing, but I have NEVER done the job, despite having certification in it. So, I'd be scared as hell...) The only plus side to this is I'm not likely to get cut in the future then :p

4. They cut me down to half-time or some other nonsense... (I can't pay the bills on just half my salary -_-; unless my husband got another really nice job-- not likely). This option would leave me fucked, or I'd need a second job.

5. I get completely laid off and my whole life is fucked.

Worst case scenario is we have to pack up what we can and go crawling back to my parents in Pittsburgh -_-; We'd have to either rent or sell this house. The whole idea makes me want to cry. I bought this place with the baby in mind, and I so wanted her to have a nice place to live. :\ Camping out in my mom and dad's unfinished basement until we find work is NOT what I wanted for her.

While I like some of the art ladies in the school district... if it comes down to clawing one's way to the top and using their backs to do it, I say it's on. I will totally play my seniority card (what little there is of it) and I will try my damnedest to fight for the right to stay on in SOME capacity.

I'm not entirely sure of the pecking order... but I do not believe I am the lowest one on the totem pole. I THINK I may actually be third highest (locally). I know for a fact there are two ladies ready for retirement above me. They may very well just ship out after this announcement. Of the other teachers, one started here the same year I did, and two started a year or so after. I have time from overseas as well for a total of 10 years of service. If they count it all, I'm almost POSITIVE I am third most senior, unless one of the other ladies I mentioned has some experience that I am unaware of.

I do feel a bit bad because one lady who I think is below me just had a baby this past year too :\ She is at one of the schools that might be "safe" with an enrollment of almost 500. I would feel bad taking her job... :\ But I totally would not think twice about claiming the two smallest schools for my own >:p I also would take the shitty school with high enrollment where the art teacher is in a trailer over no job at all. (I feel sorry for the lady there because she seems like the doormat in the group, but this situation is pretty desperate and I think she may be at the bottom of the seniority list...)

They had better not wait til the last day of school this year to tell me I'm fucked. I will totally have a stroke if they do.

I just don't know... I really can't take much more of 2014... is it 2015 yet? -_-;