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I decided to goof around with "Chrono Trigger" again. I was so happy to see that the Wii Virtual Console version of the game is the original SNES version (and not the PS1/DS retranslation). Some of the original lines in the SNES game were so stupid that they were funny. The newer translation just isn't as fun, it really has less character. (Also I only played this game a million times when I was in High School, so I get annoyed when things aren't said the same in the new ones :p and honestly the video files don't add much to the experience, the game was solid on its own).

Besides, the new translation leaves out the best escape plan excuse ever: "Belly button pain." I am totally going to rock that "Belly Button Pain" event when I get on the Blackbird (I believe Frog has to be in the middle of your party to trigger the line).

... So... even though I have played this a million times, I still kinda wonder why Frog is the only person in his time period who talks like he's at a Ren Faire. He must be the local nerd or something... ^_^; Now I like him even more.


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