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Well, I think the turning 30 blues have set in this week. I was pretty ok with the idea up until it was actually MY TURN :p

My parents are flying down here to be with me for the weekend. We spent the day cleaning MOST of the house, but we still need to vacuum the living room and dining room. We also have to put the dishes back in the buffet table. We had to empty it out two weeks ago when the corner of the ceiling in the dining room fell down due to water damage and a leaking pipe in the bathroom. It dumped water all over my buffet table --; Mercifully, nothing got ruined. But it took the apartment complex 2 weeks to "finish" repairing the ceiling. (They left it with a piece of cardboard screwed into the ceiling for a whole week until I complained). They finally put drywall up but they never came back to texture the ceiling. I can't wait any longer for them to do it as my guests will be here Thursday afternoon (watch, as soon as I put everything back in its place they will come to finish the job 9_9 ) This is not the first time they worked on that corner either... and whatever they did to it last time made it worse.

I think the turning 30 blues is being compounded by the fact that I have a very difficult to deal with 5th grade this year (which I see twice a week). I haven't had a group this bad in a LONG while. My only comfort is that it's very clear that it is not me. Virtually everyone in the school dislikes that class from both 5th grade teachers to the aides and even down to the custodial staff. So, hearing the SAME complaints across the board makes me feel a LITTLE better, knowing that it has nothing to do with me. However, something needs to be done about them NOW before they become worse after Christmas D: I think we should go see the principal en masse and ask him for help. I also have two other younger problem students on my mind about whom I am concerned. I come home feeling like SHIT on Friday afternoons (I have that evil 5th LAST PERIOD on FRIDAY – I got screwed on that schedule) and by the time I start to relax (Sunday night) it's time to go back to work.

I also felt really old yesterday while TRYING to play Monster Hunter online with my brother. We've had connection problems the last two weeks – which I think are connected to his school network. Sometimes we can meet up, sometimes we can't (because for whatever reason he can't join the place I'm in). I enjoy playing with my brother, but I think every ass jackal was online this weekend. Usually the game is enjoyable even when playing with random people. Yesterday, it was like being heckled by my 5th grade for 6 hours. I think I met every douchebag that trolls the MH Tri servers. The ones who were being truly obnoxious were the ones who were over rank 100. One dude took it personally that I accidentally hit him while trying to attack the same giant monster. He was a hammer user, I use the crappy short sword. 1) I HAVE to get close because I have NO RANGE. 2) By rank 115 he should know that getting hit by other people in the fray is NOT personal, it just happens. I get FLUNG across the fucking field by hammer and switch axe users ALL THE TIME and NEVER have I taken it personally. But for whatever reason he did and so in retaliation he kept trying to hit me while we carved the kill so I wouldn't get the full rewards (mercifully, I did get all my carves) but god damn what and ass hole.

I'm thinking I may give up playing for a while... as much as I enjoy the game overall I just don't know enough people IRL to meet up with online to make it a "safe" fun thing to do. Now that I can't even meet with my brother without it being a half hour of connection conflicts, it just... takes the fun out of it. There are a couple of nice random people that I have quested with, but they aren't quite high enough rank to help me with the urgent quest I need to do... and maybe not so surprisingly, a lot of the nice random people I have met seem to have disappeared. I am assuming they too met some HR 100 ass jackals. (Don't get me wrong, I met at least one guy who was over rank 100 who was REALLY NICE and helpful – but they seem to be the exception, not the norm). I'm only rank 50 here guys... I don't have 600 hrs. to dedicate to this game because I have a family and a job, give me a break.

I guess the lack of maturity makes me feel OLD. I've felt old by that definition for a WHILE now.

I just wish for my birthday my body would agree to balance my hormones so I could stop having acne like a teenager. :p I've had acne for 17 years now guys. I think I more than earned my right to have the benefits of a smooth/nice complexion 9_9 Unfortunately, having acne like this is genetic on my mom's side. They all have terrible acne even as adult women (so far any prescription meds/treatments/over the counter stuff I've tried does NOT work). My mom just went through menopause in her 50's. Her face is finally clear. Guess I'll have to wait til 55 to look fabulous -_-;

I'm also worried about my husband. He's still trying to find work and I know he's depressed about it. That doesn't help me feel any better as I spend half the day wondering if he's ok. -_-; A job for him, even a stupid one, would be a perfect birthday gift... honestly.


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