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Our apartment complex is very close to the local university. Many of the residents are college kids. Last year this wasn't too much of a problem, but this past summer some REALLY LOUD and OBNOXIOUS people moved into the apartment across the parking lot from ours. Every Friday these kids hang out by big cars and trucks and I can only imagine what they are all up to.

I'm not trying to be the crazy old lady that lives across the street, spying on her neighbors. But they really do act suspiciously. I mean, who hangs around parked cars and trucks like that for HOURS? I swear if they are not selling sex, they are selling drugs or buying beer for minors or something. I also speculate that some of them are not college kids, but high school kids (as the local highschool is only about a block away.) I could see someone who was a senior last year, hosting parties at their new apartment for people they knew in high school who were younger than them. But I digress...

The real reason for this post is what happened last night.

Around 10pm last night, a fire truck rolled up in the parking lot outside my apartment. The firemen got out and began inspecting a car across the way at the "party house." (A BMW no less... who the hell buys anyone under the age of 25 a BMW?) I ignored them for a while but they were out there forever. Around 10:30 I looked outside again and now there were policemen out there too. They were all messing with the back of the car. All these college kids and teens were outside watching, many with cell phones in hand. I wasn't sure what was going on, all I knew was I didn't want people questioning me at 11 o'clock at night when I had work the next day if they decided to survey the neighbors. I honestly try to pretend that my neighbors don't exist even though they are noisy as hell, and that's about all I'd have to say about them other than my paranoid speculations that they either have minors over for beers or do drugs over there. Also, I know for a fact they were visited by police back in September and apparently nothing came of that since they are still living there. 9_9

I began to get ready for bed, although I'll admit I was totally being the crazy, old lady, neighbor who wanted to know what those hooligans were up to. About 40 minutes after it started they were using all these tools to bounce the car and work on the trunk. Finally, they opened it and there was a young lady inside xx; I do not even want to know what stupid-fuck foolishness led to that. I almost wondered if some jack ass dude decided to lock his girlfriend (or hooker, or whatever) in the trunk for kicks.

When they pulled her out, she immediately hugged one of the young men standing there and appeared to be sobbing. She was escorted off to the side by one of the officers and questioned. However, I think this was possibly a prank gone horribly wrong, typical teenage stupidity, or something of the like because no one appeared to get arrested for it and one of the cops was talking cordially with one of the many young male spectators 9_9

Darn, I was hoping they'd be forced out in handcuffs so I could have a quiet weekend...

I told my husband about it when he returned from work at midnight. He asked me why they couldn't open the trunk. I told him I didn't get involved but I imagined that perhaps they somehow locked the keys inside with her 9_9 He then said,

"You know... a lot of trunks have an emergency, inside, trunk release..."
"Really?" (I admit I'm a little stupid in terms of car tech because all my dad ever owned was cars that were about 10-15 years behind the times. He never owned anything new, so if they are putting releases on the inside, it would take him about 15 years to catch up to that safety feature XD )
"Yes, your car has one. It's even green and is supposed to glow in the dark."
"So, if you lock me in the trunk in a rage, I just need to pop the trunk and roll out and I can get help?"

I told him I'd remember that! XD (of course, the first thing I did this morning was look to see if this handle existed, which it did. Now I'm prepared XD)

Being that this was a freakin' BMW, you'd think it would have had one (my husband's cheap ass Hyundai does). 9_9 My guess is maybe the girl panicked or couldn't see it for some reason... I don't know. But I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope those assholes move out this summer. I can't handle this much stupid.


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