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I killed my 31st Rathian today and the Wii gods did grin and felt fit to bestow upon me my first ever Rathian plate.

I must be the UNLUCKIEST hunter in the world. I think most people get their first one on like the 5th try ;p

The bad news is I'm soon to be stuck on a quest online where I have to kill a high rank Rathian AND Rathalos in the same 50min. This is IMPOSSIBLE to do alone and my brother will be MIA for a while since he goes back to school next week. I'm going to have to find some random people willing to take on the task. (Even if my brother wasn't going back to school I would have had to find at least ONE MORE person because even with two people it's impossible with our current equipment to kill both in 50min or less).

So, I guess I'm going to have to troll the Expert server where people past rank 31 play and see if anyone is willing to help me out on this out of the kindness of their hearts. The only good thing about this is, MOST people enjoy killing Rathian/Rathalos and it's a popular quest so... hopefully I'll find some people who won't whine too much about it.

I am using my shiny new Rathian plate to make some Rathian Mail +. No sense in making the old mail at this point ;p The problem is I don't have enough parts to make any of the OTHER pieces of this armor set (head, arms, legs, and waist). So, the chest piece isn't worth much right now...


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