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So, they pushed us to participate in that stupid drawing contest for Law Day last week. The theme was ridiculously hard for K-5 and was something like, "Law in the 2st Century: Enduring Values, Future Challenges." Someone goofed and we didn't hear about the contest til 2 days before the deadline. They begged me to turn in SOMETHING. So I got a few classes on it.

I was told today that two of my students actually WON. I could not believe it, because the stuff was so terrible. There must not have been very many entries ;p The one kid doesn't surprise me TOO much since it's a 1st grade girl who draws/colors like she's in 3rd. The other was a little bit of a surprise... The pictures had almost nothing to do with "laws" I told them to draw people helping other people. So, this should have been great news right?


Now they want me to go to this Law Day Luncheon with the kids and their parents. The Luncheon is this Thursday-- you know during the week of our big important visit? And it's right in the middle of the day, noon.

To complicate things further, the Luncheon isn't at the school, it isn't even on the base. It's going to be at the Columbus Trade Center... which is almost a 20-25min drive from my workplace on busy streets that I don't particularly care for. It's not a HARD drive as in it's not hard to find, it's just... obnoxious.

I am SO not looking forward to this. I mean no pressure eating with parents and kids right? x_x;;;

There was no indication of how LONG this event will be either... so they are getting me a sub for the afternoon-- possibly both classes I had scheduled. What REALLY annoys me is the fact that I JUST planned out the rest of the year this morning-- and now they are screwing up my schedule >:( I also now have to write sub plans, probably tomorrow morning because Wednesday SUCKS.

Whatever happened to giving them a stupid gift certificate or something? Why do they have to hassle me? The kids would probably enjoy a shopping trip more than lunch... especially if they read the boring essays/poems that they made the middle school kids do ;p

I just REALLY did NOT need another thing going on this week. Thursday was SUPPOSED to be the EASY day. Friday we have this dumb school wide field trip and they are probably making us go along for crowd control >:\ So, both of my "easy" days this week are now going to be almost as STRESSFUL as Wed. when I have to be interviewed by the visiting people.

I hate this week. I wish it were over already, I REALLY do.

And I still have 4 more weeks AFTER this week of being alone without Toygar ;_; It kills me that we aren't even halfway through that yet.

It just feels like I'm making no progress here :\


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