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2015-01-14 08:59 pm

Little Diva

I think Mariam is holding out on me in the speaking department.

Today she was saying, "Buh-bye!" to everyone when I picked her up at daycare. I made a comment about it to the effect of, "Oh, it's so nice to hear you talking finally!"

The teacher heard me and said, "Mariam talks all the time here! In fact she was singing 'Let It Go' earlier today with a little boy. The two of them were in the corner singing together."
"No way! She was SINGING?"
"Oh yes, here let me play the song for you. Maybe she'll sing."

[The teacher plays the song for her, all Mariam does is look around the room and wave to her classmates saying, "buh-bye!" the whole time].

When the song was finally over I said, "Well, maybe she doesn't want to sing because her singing partner isn't here..." [He was already picked up].

I'm going to have to get a copy of the song and see if I can catch her in the act at home.
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2015-01-05 08:15 pm


A little background: My 18-month-old daughter's favorite "word" right now is "uh-oh." She says it anytime something unexpected happens (such as a streaming video suddenly pausing to buffer) or when she drops something.

This past weekend we were visiting my brother in Atlanta. We had grown tired of watching back-to-back episodes of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" (my daughter's favorite show). So, we decided to browse Amazon Prime for a free family movie. We chose "The NeverEnding Story."

She largely ignored the film until we got to the scene where Artax and Atreyu were in the Swamps of Sadness. Once Artax started sinking, suddenly she was completely invested in what was going on! As the music got more intense and Atreyu began to plead with his horse, she got the most serious look on her little face. She kept looking back at us like, "Why aren't you doing anything to help them?!" Then she began hitting the TV with her hand as though she could somehow stop what was happening on screen. I started to worry that I was going to scar the poor kid.

As most of you probably know, when the music reaches it's climax and the scene ends, it fades out and fades back in after the horse drowns. Right after the music stopped and the scene faded back in, she turned around to face us. She then uttered a serious and most appropriate, "Uh-oh." We all started to laugh. It was one of those moments you wish you had caught on film!

Once the "crisis" was over, she soon forgot all about Artax and went straight back to her toys ;)
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2014-02-26 07:39 pm

2014 Has Been a Real Shit-Storm So Far...

So, most of my close friends know my hubby had to resign from his position in January. I fully supported him in this because the woman he worked for was totally going ape-shit on him and he was probably going to get fired anyhow. He simply could not keep coming home a sobbing mess. I need him to keep it together for the baby.

Anyhow, he hasn't found work yet and has fallen into a bit of a depression. I'm not too worried about him (yet) but his being unemployed means that ALL of the financial responsibilities fall on me now.

I can make MOST of our bills. Well, I can make ALL of our bills, but day care is another story. I really do need him working to justify keeping the baby in day care. It is a bit out of our budget otherwise (which would not be a problem if he simply wanted to play house husband and watch her all day, but he really would rather work). We had to move her from the REALLY NICE day care in town to a passable one near our house. This was partly because he lost his company discount when he resigned... and partly because that place is out of the way for us now.

So, yes I was in a bit of a panic the first 3 days or so after he resigned. But then, I calmed down and managed to convince myself that I've got this.

... that is until I got the monthly union newsletter today.

They pretty much said it is a CERTAINTY that they are going to cut Music, PE and Art throughout all of DDESS for next school year (2014-2015). ALL OF IT. Not just here, all across the US districts. They want us down to a 500:1 ratio.

ONLY ONE SCHOOL in our district has more than 500 kids in it, that is the middle school. The next closest is 457 -- which is at a school that I hear has no real art room, she's in a trailer. Then there is one that is 455... that one might be safe too. My school only has 258-- the second lowest in the district. The first lowest is down the road from us. Our school is SO SMALL it would not have the physical SPACE for 500 kids, so simply praying for higher enrollment is a waste of time, it will not happen...

So, what does all this mean? It means one of 5 things:

1. I might have to cross my fingers that someone will retire and I can snag their position. (Not likely at the two most populated schools -- and there are a couple of schools I REALLY DON'T want to work at unless I have NO CHOICE, one of the ladies closest to retirement is at one such school).

2. I will be split between two schools next year - I would not CARE if it was the two smallest because one is the one I'm already at, and the other is considered the "Officer's" school. So, while it would SUCK TREMENDOUSLY to have to run around all the time, I would be okay with that because the kids would be all about the same ability level.

3. They tell me I can either have no job or be an Education Technologist (providing there is a position open-- which would be better than nothing, but I have NEVER done the job, despite having certification in it. So, I'd be scared as hell...) The only plus side to this is I'm not likely to get cut in the future then :p

4. They cut me down to half-time or some other nonsense... (I can't pay the bills on just half my salary -_-; unless my husband got another really nice job-- not likely). This option would leave me fucked, or I'd need a second job.

5. I get completely laid off and my whole life is fucked.

Worst case scenario is we have to pack up what we can and go crawling back to my parents in Pittsburgh -_-; We'd have to either rent or sell this house. The whole idea makes me want to cry. I bought this place with the baby in mind, and I so wanted her to have a nice place to live. :\ Camping out in my mom and dad's unfinished basement until we find work is NOT what I wanted for her.

While I like some of the art ladies in the school district... if it comes down to clawing one's way to the top and using their backs to do it, I say it's on. I will totally play my seniority card (what little there is of it) and I will try my damnedest to fight for the right to stay on in SOME capacity.

I'm not entirely sure of the pecking order... but I do not believe I am the lowest one on the totem pole. I THINK I may actually be third highest (locally). I know for a fact there are two ladies ready for retirement above me. They may very well just ship out after this announcement. Of the other teachers, one started here the same year I did, and two started a year or so after. I have time from overseas as well for a total of 10 years of service. If they count it all, I'm almost POSITIVE I am third most senior, unless one of the other ladies I mentioned has some experience that I am unaware of.

I do feel a bit bad because one lady who I think is below me just had a baby this past year too :\ She is at one of the schools that might be "safe" with an enrollment of almost 500. I would feel bad taking her job... :\ But I totally would not think twice about claiming the two smallest schools for my own >:p I also would take the shitty school with high enrollment where the art teacher is in a trailer over no job at all. (I feel sorry for the lady there because she seems like the doormat in the group, but this situation is pretty desperate and I think she may be at the bottom of the seniority list...)

They had better not wait til the last day of school this year to tell me I'm fucked. I will totally have a stroke if they do.

I just don't know... I really can't take much more of 2014... is it 2015 yet? -_-;
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2013-09-01 08:17 pm

Am I Ready to Forgive Inafune... Probably Not... (ever)

So... my brother sends me this link to a ::shudders:: Kickstarter page for a game tentatively called "Mighty No.9."

Basically Keiji Inafune is back with another "original" idea. Yes, the once brilliant game creator, who must have dropped acid one day, decided that Japanese game makers should try to be more "Western" and make games like Halo with billion dollar budgets and pretty much sunk Capcom in the last 10 years (because they actually tried to listen to him) before they booted his crazy ass out, has a brand new idea that he wants his fans to fund...

Read the first two bullet points of the project and you're probably going... "Wait... no fucking way... did Seth MacFarlane just possesses you?! Tell me you are NOT trying to make a Mega Man game without Capcom simply by making a Mega Man game with a different name? Tell me you are not this fucking stupid."

I am not a fan of Kickstarter... Mostly because I think it gets used a lot by scammers. I don't mean legitimate uses like buying a set of books for a classroom, or perhaps backing a well known and trusted cause. But I just envision it as a place where tons of people with half-baked ideas set up a page, promising the moon, and give you a lackluster product or the project gets lost in never ending developer hell and the original poster just hopes you forget all about it.

I also see it as a way for some legitimate corporations to milk fans before they will translate a favorite manga or anime, almost like some kind of weird usury system, "If you give me money, maaaaaybe I'll make that product that I probably would have made regardless, but now I have you to put up the money for it so there's no risk for my company to take. In return, I may send you a 'free' exclusive poster for paying us money to make something we know you would have bought anyhow." I just, have a very negative outlook when I see well known companies/people beg for money.

So, I can see fellow Mega Man fans saying, "OMG are you fucking crazy? Don't you want another Mega Man game?! It's Inafune! It's Tomita [Tom Pon]! It's Manami Matsumae! You've seen their names on other Mega Man games a hundred times! Sure it has a funny name, but who cares?! It CAN'T FAIL!"

Yeah ok, I like some of the people on the dev team, and I'll freely admit that I have no love for Capcom these days. But that doesn't make up for the fact that Inafune has done nothing but stick his foot in his mouth and burn bridges with developers for the last 10 YEARS.

Like, remember when he said, "[Japanese game developers] ...know they have to learn more from western games and create games that’ll sell more in the western market. However, they don’t know what to do or how to do it. Even worse, their pride gets in the way, preventing them from learning from overseas developers. As a result, they end up staying in the domestic market rather than going global.”

[Sarcasm]Yeah, so... you're taking your own advice here, right? Because that attitude worked so well for you in the last decade. [/Sarcasm]

Look, I like Japanese games because they are Japanese :p I mean people like hot dogs, but you wouldn't want to eat hot dogs every day, right? Sometimes you want a taco. Japanese games are like tacos in the never ending sea of Halos and Call of Duty sequels... I like them because they are foreign and have a different aesthetic.

Apparently somewhere deep inside, Inafune thinks so too, or he wouldn't be trying to rip off his own characters with a Mega Man poser game. Think Walt Disney's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit vs. Mickey Mouse (only reverse their popularity). Same character slightly different art, similar cog in the machine problem with creative differences causing a creator to strike out on his own. Think about it this way, and Inafune should be a fuckin' hero!

Sure, he may look as though he is giving his fans what they want: A Mega Man game, fully under his control, without Capcom's meddling. Because clearly all of Inafune's problems in life are Capcom's fault.

But with any crowdfunded project, I have lingering doubts about his true intentions. There is a such thing as "Intellectual Property" and corporations are notorious for fine print and trademarks which make it so that a creator essentially hands their creation's ownership over to the corporation. This game, as cool as it could be, is essentially a "Polex" watch. It may look like a Rolex, it may even operate like one, but if you are caught selling them, you're probably getting arrested for bootlegging.

Now, this situation will probably not play out exactly like a guy on the street selling things out of his trench coat in an alley. But there is a very real threat that Capcom will bankrupt the project before it goes anywhere with a massive lawsuit.

All it takes is a single regional branch of Capcom (Japan, USA, Europe... take your pick) to sue the shit out of him for infringing on their intellectual property for "too many similarities" [or as some might say "brand confusion"] to stop this project in its tracks. If he ever signed any kind of papers, at any point in his career, which basically allows the company to possess his characters or the underlying game design, they could very easily argue in court that he violated copyright laws.

This would result in a total PR shitstorm. On one side, you have a company protecting their products, even though they seem hell bent on cancelling every Mega Man project to piss off Inafune. On the other hand, you have a creator fighting for the right to "ownership" of his ideas. It's a great legal case study. However, there's a darker possibility that I can totally see too...

Inafune is pissed as hell at his former employer, and they are equally pissed at him. Although it seems cruel, I have a feeling Inafune knows this game will never be made... and he doesn't give a damn. Now, maybe I'm just cynical, but... imagine for a moment that in the back of Inafune's mind, he's even dimly aware that Capcom may sue the shit out of him. If that is the case, then one can't ignore the disturbing possibility that Inafune doesn't care about making the game so much as getting revenge.

Try this on for size: This could be an evil plot to turn all Capcom fans against Capcom forever... Maybe Inafune doesn't want to make a game at all... it's an elaborate scheme. Because one very likely, perhaps almost inevitable, outcome is Capcom will sue for intellectual copyright infringement. Inafune will take to the internet, as he has done so much in the last 10 years, and he will publicly blame Capcom for "shutting his project down." This will make Capcom look like the assholes, the fans will hate them for it, and then Inafune's revenge for them firing him will be complete.

Perhaps, I'm wrong. Perhaps Inafune's motives are totally pure and he really is some kind of idealist. Maybe he truly believes this will be a great fan project and this Mega Man clone will be beloved by all his fans. It could be that this is some kind of elaborate apology for the last 10 years...

Or, we could all be pawns in his little revenge scheme. Either way, I am not holding my breath. I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm certainly not going to donate. I'm going to pretend this little project doesn't even exist for the time being. There's just too much disappointment attached to Inafune's name for me these days. Just like the next Mega Man game, I'll believe it when I see it, completed.
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2013-07-29 01:25 pm


I know my presence online the last month has been really limited. But I am lurking, and I do read posts and such when I have free time (which has been rather loosely defined these last few weeks).

I've had a really slow recovery here. It probably didn't help that I went through the physical trauma of having an almost vaginal birth and then a c-section on top of it. :p My mom likened it to me having the baby twice, because after 14 hours of labor, I pretty much wrecked my mid-section anyway. My mom was here the last 2 weeks helping with the baby, but she was also busy putting me back together. -_-; Because, let's be honest here... the baby is not the problem, it's my body which has been uncooperative in this whole situation.

Blues: It's ok, I'm fine.

So, this is pretty much what I felt like when I got home from the hospital.

I was a mess physically and emotionally the last few weeks. I was supposed to be on bed rest for the first week or so. Mother-in-law (MIL) did not help me relax the first 5 days, because I was constantly worried about what she was doing when I was supposed to be napping. Like for example, when the baby starts to choke while feeding, you would normally sit her upright, pat her on the back and help her catch her breath, right? Well, MIL's solution was to stroke the middle of her forehead with her thumb instead of... ya know... helping her try to cough the junk out?

It also didn't help that she would talk to the baby in Turkish and for all I know she could have been saying, "You love grandma better than you love mommy, right?" I mean, I guess that's being a bit paranoid... but I only know about 200 words in Turkish and there was about a 2-3 day period where I felt like I never got to hold my own baby :( Or when I was holding her, MIL would get in my personal space and try to interfere ... so, yeah call me paranoid if you want, but the woman kept joking about taking the baby away with her, and I started to get tired of the joke.

Knowing that she criticized everything my husband would try to do for the baby didn't help matters either. This led him to be more hands off, because she made him second-guess his own parenting abilities. I kinda need him to be hands on, here. He's only recently regained some of his confidence. (It took him 2 weeks to get over her nagging. She still nags him on Skype, telling him he's feeding the baby wrong 9_9 If he was feeding her wrong, the baby would let him know :p).

The good news is once I was rid of MIL, my mom stepped in and took time off work to help me with the baby and let me heal.

Ignore EMO whining and TMI if you like. )

So some of the good things:

- My daughter is gaining weight and has been really sweet.
- I lost most of the baby/water weight. I'm now down to 156 lbs. (I was 180 the last few weeks of the pregnancy).
- We went shopping together as a family for the first time this Saturday and she was really good.
- She will be one month old already this week.
- Her umbilical cord finally fell off and we gave her her first real bath.

Some of the not so good things:

- My poor little girl has had killer gas which really makes her uncomfortable. I had to watch her suffer for about 3-4 days before she turned 3 weeks old. (Once she was 3 weeks old we were given the ok by her doctor to give her simethocone drops which fixed the problem almost immediately).
- She has gotten into this weird habit of saving up all her poops for 2-3 days and then having one giant poop all at once. I don't mind the 4-diaper-alarm poops so much, as the constant worry that she might be constipated because she hasn't gone for a while. But her poops are soft, so she doesn't appear to have a problem and, apparently, it is considered "normal" for a newborn to only go once every 3-4 days.
- While instantly losing about 20 lbs. was encouraging, I seem to be stuck at 156 lbs. atm. :p But my mom said it wouldn't be fair to other women if I didn't struggle with a little weight ;) But, we'll see. I haven't exactly been exercising either since I have been largely on bed rest. I may lose some weight when I return to work.

So, that is pretty much all the stuff that has been going on. I'm still feeling as though I have no real free time, but perhaps that will change once she starts sleeping through the whole night. Unfortunately, that may not happen for another 2 months yet ^_^;
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2013-07-07 01:29 pm

All teh Happenings...

This is the extended version of how the whole last 5-6 days went down.

I'll start off with some of the good news: We are finally home. I'm not getting as much done as I'd like though because things didn't exactly go "according to plan." We are all doing well so far and my husband has been a very enthusiastic and supportive new dad. He has really been my rock the last few days and has only had kind words for me when I would grow frustrated. My current good mood is largely to his credit.

Last Tuesday (some TMI perhaps): )

Wednesday: )

Thursday: )

Friday onward: )
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2013-07-01 12:35 pm

MIL... the first few days...

Again, I post here mostly because I can't say this on FB without her somehow finding out. So, feel free to ignore my whining.

It hasn't been horrible per se, but certainly awkward. The woman was always pretentious, but now she's adding crazy old lady to the mix. I mean, I have noticed changes in my mother in the last few years too. And my mom was always a bit of a lovable nut. But my husband's mother is becoming the kind of old lady who is judgmental and wants you to bend to her every crazy whim. Here are some of the other things she has done since her arrival...


That's enough whining for now. I pretended to go take a nap so I could write this. :p I suppose I feel particularly bad for my husband. I only hear half of her criticisms because she can't articulate herself as well in English. The poor guy hears EVERYTHING. The other day while she was in the pharmacy buying even more crap, he said to me in the car, "Thank you for saving my life." :\ I can see why his dad got lost in a bottle. It's always about her. I'm kinda glad I only have to put up with her every so many years :p I think her living 2 continents away is a good thing ;p
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2013-06-27 12:57 pm

For All the Whiny Shit I Can't Post On Facebook...

So, for those of you who have FB you already know, I'm nearing my due date with the baby. The doctor told me this week we are basically just waiting for labor to start. This is good because my hips are killing me (because she's pressing on all my joints now) and I'm getting occasional back pain...

But minor aches and pains are not my main issue right now. No... My mother-in-law (MIL for short) is visiting for an entire month, and I know sooner or later there's going to be a few nasty rows. She hasn't even been here 24 hours yet and so far:

- She brought up us banking the cord blood: This has been an argument that my husband has had with her several times now. She insists we bank the baby's cord blood in one of those private banks. She has said she will pay for it (I've heard that one before, not falling for it seeing as how we already paid $20,000+ in credit card debts she left my husband with). I think she fails to realize it is not a one-time fee and it is hundreds/thousands of dollars annually to bank it. There are monthly fees involved and it is an on-going expense for something that is only needed in something like 1 out of every 200,000 people.

I have a LARGE family and many cousins who are currently reproducing. There are no genetic red flags in my family and my husband currently has none either (all cancers in my family hit in your 30's-40's+). My husband, my parents and I agree it is a waste of money and these companies just want to scare you into paying for their services. They promise miracle treatments.

I spoke with one of the doctors who has attended to me, and he said that the promises of miracle cures are almost all "theoretical" and most of the diseases they mention can be cured in other ways. He flat out told me "It's a waste of money and you can spend that money elsewhere..." "Like on her education..." "Exactly."

I politely informed my MIL of this and hopefully it will not come up again. (Because really, are we five? She asks him, he says "no" so she asks me to see if she will get a different answer???). She gave me the same speech she gave my husband, "Oh Murat does it..." I don't fucking care what Murat does... Murat owns his own private ambulance/alarm company in Turkey kinda like those Life Alert people. He shits money. I do not have money to spend on things that will probably never happen. I would rather spend that money on a storm shelter. We are far more likely to have a tornado (we have several watches/warnings every year) than have a baby with some rare incurable disease that requires stem cells... seriously.

I have no problems with donating it to a public bank to help other people for free, but I am NOT spending thousands of dollars on something that we probably will NEVER need (and alas, the hospital does not currently do that either...). Furthermore, my husband has a friend who has a doctorate in micro biology, and he said that unless you are treating a family member, the blood may be useless anyhow, since if the flaw is in the baby's genetics, it's probably in her cord blood stem cells too :p So, it's really only most helpful for treating others anyhow.

- She "broke" the shower curtain: This is more funny than anything because my brother did the same thing ^^; She managed to pull down the tension rod shower curtain in the guest bath. She was trying to throw a towel over it or something. It's not a hard fix, just annoying. The rod came with the house, perhaps we should look for a new one :p

- She put sugar in the meat she was cooking: I just... I have no words. She used the sugar container... wtf? Who would keep salt in a container that big???

- She threw her heavy ass, zipper covered purse on top of my freakin' Surface Pro: It took every fiber of my being not to scream and cuss her out. We were trying to locate her cell phone and I offered to call it for her. Instead of keeping her purse in the kitchen where it was, she felt the need to bring it to me and lob it right on top of the table where my tablet and keyboard cover were sitting x_x;;; She just threw it on top of my shit like she didn't give a fuck about what was already on the table.

I calmly, slid the tablet out from under it and immediately began examining the screen for scratches/damage... Thankfully, it seems unscathed (and God help her if it was damaged, she would have gotten more than an earful). I do have a year warranty on the thing, but I'm not sure it covers dumbass inconsiderate in-laws. Part of the reason I'm typing this entry is to make sure she didn't damage the keyboard cover since she threw it on top of that too :p (seems ok btw). But... OMG, my fucking tablet probably costs more than your stupid ass purse and all its contents!!! WTF?! And why is her purse covered with like 20 "decorative" zippers and why is the bottom covered in metal studs?! She is SO LUCKY she did not scratch/break the glass.

So, yeah... not even here 24 hours and she nearly killed a $900 device looking for a broke ass $5 pay as you go T-Mobile phone (it's missing half of its buttons). I think my Surface will now be permanently attached to my hands... or propped up with the screen ON where she can SEE IT, or possibly stashed under the couch so she doesn't just throw her stupid shit on top of it.

God, help me survive this month x_x;;;
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2013-02-20 06:35 pm

Twenty weeks in

Today we are 20 weeks along and we found out that we should be having a girl :)

My husband is very happy, he really wanted a daughter ^_^ We have not decided on a name yet. Hopefully, now that we know it is a girl, we will be able to work one out soon :)
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2013-02-06 06:39 pm

Awkward Things Some Kids Have Said to Me Since I Told Them I Was Expecting

Well, I told my students that I was expecting about 2 weeks ago. It was starting to get noticeable and I wanted to tell the kids before they started asking questions. (Also, some brat was making pig noises while I was doing a papier mache demo... I'm not sure whether or not they were directed at me, but I laid down the law and snarled, "Whoever is making the pig noises, I'm not getting fat I'm PREGNANT" and he didn't make the sound again). Anyhow, I needed to tell them before the kids came up with their own theories ^_^; Also, I wanted to warn my students that I will be on maternity leave this August, so I didn't want them to freak out when they had a sub for the first month.

Anyhow, here are 4 awkward things I have heard since I told them (perhaps no surprise, they all came from 1st graders):

1) Female Student: "I think the baby is ready to come out soon!"
Me: "Um no, I'm only about halfway there..." (Damn kid, I'm not THAT BIG yet!)

2) Male Student: "So, when are you getting married?"
Me: :: stern voice :: "[Male Student's Name] I have been married for FOUR YEARS."
Male Student: "Oh, so why do we call you Miss [My Maiden Name] then?"
Me: "Because you are saying it wrong. I'm Ms. [My Maiden Name] not Miss. I didn't take my husband's name." :: I turned to the class :: "That's right girls, you don't HAVE to take your husband's name! You can keep your name if you want to!"
Girls in Class: :: collectively exhale :: "REALLY?!" :D
Boys in Class: :: start shouting :: "NO FAIR!"

[I claim that one as a WIN for me XD Though my husband jokingly told me I should expect some angry bible belt parents to come yell at me for corrupting their daughters and teaching them disobedience to their husbands. So far, none have come to take issue with me though.]

3) Male Student: :: raises hand :: "My mom is having a baby!"
Me: "Oh, that's nice..."
Male Student: "Yeah but it's for another family. She said we can't afford another kid. So it's going to live with another family!"
Me: O_o;;; "Oh... um... ok?" [slowly backing away now]

I seriously did NOT KNOW what to say to that one. I mean, part of me wanted to tell the kid, "Ya know, I think your mom might not want you to tell everyone that..." But I didn't want to make a big deal out of it because then he'd wonder WHY I didn't think he should say anything. The other part of me was kinda dying to know the situation:

- Is she a surrogate mom? [and if so, is her husband by any chance deployed? Man, that would be a weird way to try to make some extra cash! Though not a very secret way when you have a 1st grader volunteering the information.]
- OR, [less interestingly] is she just one of those people who either refuses to use birth control on religious grounds, or her birth control failed and they really are THAT POOR?

Either way, it's just awkward and weird...

4) Female Student: :: glomps :: "I can hear your baby!"
Me: "Well, you hear better than I do then!" ;)

[Okay that last one was more cute than awkward]. ^_^;

I'm kinda wondering what will come out of their mouths next XD
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2013-01-23 08:27 pm

Weird Video Game Dreams

Well, I never have interesting dreams, normally. A lot of my dreams are routines or about work (usually about a class behaving badly). Some are the classic "forgot to do my homework" or "somehow forgot to attend class ALL SEMESTER" dreams. But one thing that has been kinda cool about the whole pregnancy thing is I get to have FEAKIN' SWEET dreams that I NEVER get to have when my hormones are not on overdrive!

I've had dreams about my book characters, dreams about people I haven't seen in years (usually with a cool twist like we are all dressed in Victorian garb or something) fun romps with family members...

But the most interesting dreams I have had have actually been about video games that don't exist but SHOULD. The two dreams I had most recently played out a little like introductions to the game, kinda like the sort you would see at E3 or some other announcement event.

The first one I had a few weeks ago. It was a gritty looking title which had the sort of "hardcore" graphics and edgy grime which would probably impress even the most elitist gamer. But instead of being another typical copycat 3D shooter, this game was more of a problem-solving, adventure/action game.

In this game, instead of being some 1980's action hero special forces reject, you played the part of a special investigator/detective who made it his personal mission to seek out and find kidnapped children. And I'm not talking just ordinary kidnapped children, these are kids who are being held by seriously dangerous criminal organizations who keep them locked in abandoned buildings with armed guards and shit. Just to appeal to the "hardcore" gamer the guy has all kinds of crazy gadgets which he can use to help him find/rescue the kids, but think more "Batman" and less "more/bigger guns = better." The main character is more like an ordinary superhero than military, just a regular guy/cop trying to do the right thing.

The game plays more like a combination of old PC adventure games where you examine things, interact with objects and try to solve puzzles. In between are some action sequences where you have more real-time action, which would probably make the game an odd blend of seemingly opposite elements which may not appeal to traditional "hardcore" or "casual" players but would probably be freaking awesome to people like me who are somewhere in the middle. Just to add to the craziness of the gameplay, the introduction of the game involved the title character landing a helicopter on a neighboring building to where the child was being held. Then he had to navigate the condemned structure to find the trapped child in the basement of the adjoining building. It was filled with peeling paint, rusty metal, concrete, all kinds of nifty atmospheric elements. My dream ended somewhere around when he found the kid and was trying to lead him back out before the criminal organization caught them.

The next game was even better XD This one involved a Nintendo E3 announcement. When the presentation began, they said that they wanted to go back to some little known Famicom franchise and revive it in an unusual way. The video they showed began with a montage of famous NES titles which were known for being breakthroughs in graphics such as Battletoads, Bucky O'Hare, Mega Man 6 and things like that... a lot of late NES titles.

Then the screen faded to a title [which I'm pretty sure my mind invented] that Nintendo made back in the late 80s but only released in Japan. It was some kind of space saga/actionRPG/shooter/spacebattle game, with surprisingly nice 8-bit graphics of large destroyer style ships and anime dudes. Kinda like the NES Japanese game "Jesus Kyoufu no Bio Monster"* but with action gameplay more akin to arcade style shooters or the infamous "Zero Wing" on Sega Genesis.

Then the screen faded to black and these words splashed across the screen: "The game was a moderate success. But one thing was missing... YOU!" and then it goes back to an 8-bit nostalgia reworking of the title for the Wii U. But now the main character is in love with "you" (i.e. you are his girlfriend/boyfriend that he always talks about and you serve as his inspiration/motivation). You kinda watch over him in the 3rd person or possibly as someone who is more like a spirit guide in that you are not "actually" present when events unfold but you are aware of them. But the kickass part was, he now responds to things you say/do while the game is in progress using the Wii U Gamepad mic.

So, for example, if something bad happens he would respond to your wailing into the mic. Or if he's about to do something and you want/don't want him to do it,, he will listen for a "yes" or "no" from your end and your spontaneous response would actually alter the course of the game! In other words, the game responds to your emotional responses to it, and your emotional connection changes the course of action! It was SO BAD ASSED!

I told my programmer brother about the two dreams and he thought I should write them down ^_^; He said they sound like the kinds of ideas he wishes he could pursue but he can never figure out how to do it, or how to get the resources together to do something like it (he's usually a team of 1 so that makes life hard ^^; )

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share them :)

*"Jesus Kyoufu no Bio Monster" is a Japan only NES title which was a space adventure game. It's one of those games where you just flip through menus to progress the story, such as choosing to talk to people, give them items etc. I never played it all the way through. This was mostly because when I first saw the thing online years ago, it was in Japanese only and we clicked blindly through the menus until something happened. (Which isn't a good way to play a largely text based adventure/story game). Since then, someone has kindly translated this 80's anime style gem and you can now easily get a patched ROM online. Someday, I may actually play the thing for real XD
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2012-12-30 09:56 am

Christmas Announcement

We're still in Pittsburgh here with my parents. I got some snow (more than I wanted, actually ^_^; ) and we are having a nice visit.

The biggest news here is probably our Christmas gift to my parents. My husband and I announced that we are expecting our first child in July. I have known since Election Day, but I was keeping it to myself until I got through the first couple doctor visits. (I wanted to make sure I didn't miss-carry and I also wanted to make sure it didn't have Down's Syndrome among other things). But for anyone who has wondered why I have been so tired lately, this is why ^_^; 9pm has been about my limit the last 10 weeks. But I'm nearing the end of the first trimester, and I am told that my energy should start to come back.

As with all things my husband does, he had to come up with a clever way to tell my parents. When we were done opening the presents he sat them down on the couch and handed them one more gift. Inside was a small picture frame with the following image:

My mom was holding it upside down so the first thing she said was "Nice frame!" XD Which was extra funny because it was a dollar store frame! My dad was the one who said, "I think it's an announcement." ;)

Anyhow, they were really happy. My dad has been hinting that he wanted a grandchild for the last 2 years and we finally feel as though our lives are relatively stable (as much as one can hope for these days, anyhow). I felt bad though when my dad said quietly, "Now I have something to live for." He's been feeling his mortality the last few years since he has developed various health problems (none terribly life-threatening just inconvenient).

We still don't know the gender yet (the technician's best guess is a girl, but it won't be clear for another 3-5 weeks). Once we find out, we can begin fighting over names ;)

Now that I got the first few tests over with, I feel as though I can be a little excited about this. I guess I wanted to know that it was developing okay.

We told the in-laws too, but we had to do that via Skype since none of them live here anymore. They want me to try and fly to Turkey in April before the baby is born. But after the discomfort I had on the flight to Pittsburgh, I'm not sure I can endure 12+ hours of torture xx; Also, while the doctor told us it was safe to fly all the way up to the very end, we neglected to mention that we were considering a trip to Turkey, which would be significantly longer than any flight in the US and would expose me to more radiation. So, I think we'll see what the doctor thinks of that...

My husband has been good to me through all of this (as he SHOULD BE!) making sure that I am comfortable. He runs out to buy me fruit and things :) I did get VERY ILL a couple weeks ago (thanks to my students who were carrying the plague and still coming to school!) and I'm STILL trying to get rid of the lingering sinus infection -_-; I PROBABLY need an antibiotic, but there is no way anyone will give me one unless I am DYING, which I'm not. I have no fever, just a lot of discomfort and snot :p

So, that's our big news. I plan to decorate the nursery with Mario and Pokemon stuff XD (Because I already have a quite a bit of both!)
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2012-07-17 02:32 pm

Don't Need to Be Clark Howard to Figure Out This Bit of Financial Advice...

House Stuff )

Now for the "fun" news.

In-Law Stuff )

The sad part is, with all this new house stuff my poor husband should be feeling accomplished and happy. Instead, he's feeling conflicted. His family is losing everything, and here he is, buying a "new" home. I told him it's not our fault that they lived well beyond their means. And he should not be beating himself up over that. We didn't buy a freakin mansion. We didn't even buy a BIG house. We got one that fit our budget. One that we have a good chance of paying off, a little early even. I got the monthly payment I wanted (less than $900 a month). We moved to a great location (nearest grocery store and Target are less than a 5min drive from here). It's not a mansion, but it's nice enough.

And enough is really all you need.*

*(Note: Unless of course, you are one of my students asking me if your artwork is "good enough," because that suggests that you could have done better but you didn't feel like it. Ask me if it is "good" dammit!!! Leave out the "enough" part!!!)
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2012-06-18 03:25 pm


Well, it looks like my husband got that job with the bank. They want him to start on the 2nd of July.

They were slightly disappointed he couldn't start next Monday, but they didn't send him any paperwork -- nor wrote him any e-mails which could be cited as an offer -- until he passed the drug test. He wrote them this morning and the HR lady wrote back saying he passed and she would be sending him papers to fill out. He should bring those on his first day. We are still waiting on that e-mail containing said papers :p

So, my husband told her he had to give his employer 2 weeks notice. I mean, if they hadn't been so wishy-washy about the whole thing, he probably could have started next week like they wanted ;p But I told him: 1) two weeks is standard notice and his new job would have expected the same courtesy. 2) If they wanted you to start next week, they should have given you a more definite answer last week. 3) They have to understand that if you are not given a concrete answer then surely you wouldn't be so stupid as to tell your current employer that you are splitting ;p

So, anyhow, he's giving his notice today. We are still hoping to close on the house next Thursday, but we don't know if we will for certain or not. That is mostly dependent on our credit union finishing the paperwork.

I guess now that he is working for a bank, I should be careful about talking shit on banks in general XD I hope they will not expect him to have his paycheck deposited into one of their accounts :p (They probably prefer it...) That will be a headache... I am NOT leaving my credit union -- especially since they do not sell your loan or charge mortgage insurance to members.

If we had agreed to a loan with ANYONE else: 1) They would sell it to the highest bidder -- multiple times over the next 30 years. 2) They would have charged us mortgage insurance every month unless you put 20%+ down.

The lack of mortgage insurance fees probably saved us $100-200 a month on our monthly payment and we didn't have to shell out our entire life savings. (Which allowed us to take advantage of the low interest rates right now).

Anyhow, I guess we have a lot of big changes coming up. We need to go shopping and buy him some proper clothes for this job ;)

Also, my neck/upper back hurts... I must have slept on it wrong... I am not happy about this. It makes me feel like crap.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that the seller is fixing almost everything on our list of demands :) He is only patching the roof-- as that is all his insurance will pay for, but a new roof is only $5,000 -- so if it gives us trouble in the future, no big deal.

Also, we were at the house on Friday last week to have it measured for carpet and I saw that a lot of the changes had already been made, including fixing that pipe under the sink-- no more ants, yay! The electrician came while we were there and he oked the panel box too :) So, I am feeling pretty good about this.

The bad news is my husband was browsing houses online and saw a 4 bedroom near our current apartment that was only in the $140's ;p Buuut on that street at that price, my first question would be "what is wrong with it?" ;p So, yeah he needs to stop looking so we don't end up with buyers remorse ^^;
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2012-06-12 06:36 pm

Some News

Well looks like we might be buying a house soon. We have been under contract for a couple weeks now on a 3br/2bth house. Inspection went relatively well, and the list of repairs was honestly not that bad (considering all the terrible things that can go wrong with a home).

It needs some roof work and the seller just got back to us, promising to have a roofer repair the damage. He's not going so far as to replace the entire roof, but the roofer he is using has a good reputation in the area and we will ask for a guarantee on the work he does. We found out that a full replacement will run about $5,000 so in the future if we want to replace it ourselves it won't completely wreck us financially, which is nice to know because a replacement is probably likely going to happen eventually.

I'm glad he didn't nitpick our list of repairs. The things I would consider "major" are largely going to be taken care of. (Such as the flexible line they used under the sink which is probably trapping food in the kitchen -- there were a suspicious number of ants in the sink). So, I am happy to hear this and I think we will be ok.

My husband is always looking for new jobs and he interviewed with a local bank a couple of weeks ago. It was an intense process in which they had him interview twice on the phone and then come in for a 3rd in-person interview. The in-person interview was a series of three interviews with all people involved in the department. So, it was an serious vetting process. They even made him write a proposal! (I helped him with that a little, because he had the ideas but was having trouble finding the words).

He thought he did well and was hopeful -- until he had to do one final phone interview with a gentleman who could not be there the day he went in to talk to the other three people. They asked him to call the guy and talk to him at a specific time/day. So, he confirmed the phone appointment with a secretary the day before and called as scheduled.

The guy flipped out on him when he called and started badgering him on the phone, demanding to know who he was and why the hell he was calling. Apparently NO ONE thought to tell this guy that my husband was supposed to call him! So he had a terrible interview which lasted about 20 minutes with this guy yelling at him and being somewhat hostile and curt. My husband was devastated and blamed himself for "messing up." I assured him that if he lost this job because of THAT, then it was NOT his fault!

So, a couple weeks passed and he thought for sure by this past Monday that he was out of the running. I always hate when he doesn't get a job because he starts going in circles about how he "isn't good enough" or "didn't try hard enough." So, I spent most of Monday soothing his delicate ego and trying to convince him that everything will be fine.

Today we were awakened at 8am when the recruiter called to tell him that she sent him a document via FedEx yesterday and it should be arriving today. Apparently, according to her, the job is as good as his just as soon as they get a clear drug test. (The document in the mail was a form that he had to take to the clinic -- we got it around 9:30am). It was the most bizarre thing because he has not received an acceptance letter yet. Usually, you sign all the paperwork and do the drug test last... So, I don't know why they are doing it in this order, but it seems that there is a very strong possibility that he got this job :)

We, of course, are trying not to get too excited until is is officially announced to him and he is signing papers. But if he does get this job, he will work normal 9-5 hours (or 9:30-5:30), have all bank holidays off and his salary might actually double if we read the salary schedule right O_O; (Which just means he'll be paid fairly ;p because he is NOT paid fairly at his current job). It would be good for us, because with the new house being further away from work than our apartment, he won't be able to come home for dinner anymore and I would only see him on the weekends :\

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed now that by the end of the week, he can tell that bitch manager of his that he's leaving ;) He REALLY needs to get away from her.
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2012-04-18 04:53 pm

Oh well...

Well when my realtor checked the numbers on that house, she said it's priced about right and we should expect to pay $158,000-$163,000 even if we try to start negotiations lower. Sorry, that house is NOT WORTH the asking price of $162,000. As stated in the previous entry: original 1980's bathrooms, original kitchen, appliances which look to be from the 1980's still in it.

The seller's inspector had a laundry list of about 20 minor repairs and he noted that the roof and heating system will need to be replaced within 5 years. WHY they would leave such a list lying around is beyond me, but it greatly influenced what I think the place is worth :p (What is even more inexplicable is the fact that they noted what FEW things they fixed and they were NOT the things I would have picked -- I would have fixed the leaking toilet for example, and the attic ventilation fan which is not working... they like... replaced an outlet cover or some other ridiculous little 2min/50 cent repair job, I could have done that :p)

Part of the reason she came up with that number is because I don't think she read the whole packet I read. The seller disclosure form (which is different from that inspection report) mentions the roof but what it says is that the roof was "repaired" after a hailstorm. But the inspector noted things like: roof doesn't match, shingles are brittle, replace in 5 years.

I wouldn't say that they are lying on their disclosure, but they are conveniently withholding the FULL TRUTH that the roof was patched but is by no means NEW. Hell, I could see that it wasn't new just by eyeballing the thing, and I am NOT a professional. The shingles were darker than a new one would be and the garage roof was slightly bowed, a sign that it needs to be replaced!!!

Anyhow, I think we're going to have to give up on that, because I wouldn't offer more than $145,000 for it ;p

We're going to try and see some more this weekend, all are more in my comfort zone in regards to price, but a little smaller. My realtor thinks we won't like them because they are under 1800sqft. One is like... 6 feet under 1800 :p and another is like... maybe 25... I am willing to sacrifice 100 sq ft. to knock $5,000-10,000 off the price -- and feeling small has more to do with layout than anything. I really am not comfortable with a house that is more than $155,000. I do not want to be house poor.

In other news, my in-laws have all officially skipped town now. My husband's sister left this weekend. I did not know this until last minute, buuuut it seems she changed ALL of her mailing/billing addresses to OUR address. So, we will be getting ALL of their mail for the foreseeable future.

I am not amused.

All I gotta say is when I move, I am not changing it to the new address for her (other than the usual rerouting of our mail for 6 months, but I'm not calling any billing agencies and asking them to change the record!). If she wants her statements, she will have to do it.

I wish they'd just sell all their shit and be done with it. I already saw a credit card statement for $110,000 -- which I think is the same one I saw last year. They are only paying slightly over the minimum payment each month. (The company is asking for like, $270, they are paying $300). I plugged the numbers and the minimum payment into one of those online debt calculators just for the fun of it: total owed, interest rate (which surprisingly isn't that high, I think it's their business card), and minimum payment. A pop up window came up saying that they would NEVER pay it off because the interest is more than the minimum payment XD Then it recommended that they pay about $700 a month for the next 18 years to pay it off. Damn.

The funny thing is the company is ASKING for less than the interest rate each month. So, the credit card company essentially, wants to keep them in perpetual debt for the interest. This is why you NEVER go by the minimum payment on those bills 9_9

I hope I never end up in that situation...

And then my husband wonders why I won't budge on this house thing and why I'm willing to have an old kitchen and old bathrooms... Um, have you looked at your family lately?

Incidentally, we saw a house that was so much like my dad's house it was kinda sad... Lots of DIY jobs that weren't horrible, but were a little off and far from professional looking. They were asking for a LOT too, like $145,000...

Um... the difference is my dad KNOWS his house would never sell for more than $50,000 :p Now, this one is in a better neighborhood than my mom and dad's house... but... um, I wouldn't pay more than $120,000 for it and that is being GENEROUS.

Also, they had little kids, like 4 years old and such... the parents stupidly let their kids write all over the walls in their bedrooms and bedroom closet... sooooo guess where the kids wrote next? There were letters and drawings scribbled on random walls (even cabinets!!!) all over the house. This did NOT make the house look very good. All I saw was a giant re-paint job --;

This is what happens when you do not set boundaries. The first time my kid writes on a wall, I will make them SCRUB it. I can almost guarantee they will NEVER try that shit again. When a kindergartener intentionally writes on a desk and I make them scrub it in front of all their peers, I have NEVER had a repeat offender.

So, yeah... I don't even know WHY they let people see their house like that. They are going to have a real hard time selling it!
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2012-04-17 06:44 pm

My Boring Life

I haven't written much here lately because there isn't much to report.

We are still house hunting. We have seen a few I like, but all are a bit more than I want to pay. The most recent one we saw was quite nice and was built in the 1980's. It seemed to have the original kitchen, old appliances, linoleum on the floor in the kitchen (not my favorite but...), bathrooms were also original, but looked to be in good condition. However, it needs a new roof within the next 3-5 years and possibly a new heating/cooling system.

Even without updates to the kitchen and baths, and knowing they need to fix the heating/cooling and the roof, they STILL want $162,000 which I think is outrageous. That house will need nearly $20,000 in ESSENTIAL repairs ALONE (and no, I do not mean the kitchen or baths). They either need to fix the heating/cooling and the roof or lower that price. Even if those things were taken care of, the lack of updates and all the old stuff probably means they shouldn't be asking for more than $145,000.

I dunno, our realtor is going to try and do some homework on the place, see what the repairs would cost, look at other houses that sold in the area and then give us a ballpark on what they SHOULD be charging. My guess is substantially less. It is owned by an old lady and has been sitting for a while now. Her kids kinda want it sold, so that may all work in our favor...

We'll see, otherwise I kinda liked this one... if only the roof and/or heating system was ok... I mean, I could deal with ONE major issue, but two, is a bit much to swallow right away.

I had a week off for Spring break. I drew a little, played Kid Icarus: Uprising (which is totally sweet, I LOVE the way they went overboard with the voice actors. The characters know they are in a game and totally make fun of it. The banter makes the levels fun to replay -- which is good because you have to grind a lot for items and money).

The difficulty level is on a sliding scale from 0.0 all the way up to 9.9 so it's cool that you can pick how hard the level will be. You have to place bets when you play on higher levels (and on lower levels below 2.0) but even if you die, it doesn't make you start all over if you made it to a midpoint, they just lower the intensity so you can finish. It's a very fair game.

I also recently got lost in Xenoblade Chonicles on the Wii. OMG it is the BEST RPG I have played in AGES. There are SO MANY side quests. I start playing and then all of a sudden 4 hours are gone from my life O_O It is so easy to lose track of time when playing this thing!

The battle system was a bit odd and it took some time to get used to it (it's an active system and it's a bit more intense than the usual menu flipping), but now I got it. What I like is even when you do side quests or just explore you get experience for completing the task or finding a new place. So, even if I'm just running around, I can gain levels.

You can also see all the enemies so you can engage them or just avoid them (some engage you but you can run if you have to). No random battles and invisible enemies. Also, there is no fear in exploration, even if your party gets taken out, you get to KEEP anything you found! You just get sent back to the nearest landmark. So, you can dare to be stupid because there are no penalties. In fact, I only save once every hour or so, because I don't even worry about it. The landscapes are so pretty and the music is awesome!

Anyhow, I have not played a game like that since Twilight Princess. Unless this game all of a sudden becomes a crap factory, I think I would recommend it to ANYONE who has a Wii.

Right before Spring Break I also finished the second novel in my 4-part series. It came in around 110,000 words. I started the 3rd novel, but I'm only about 20,000 words in... it's all Xenoblade's fault.

So, not a lot going on here, really...
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2012-02-29 06:32 pm

My Brain Must Be Wired Weird XD

I am such a nerd. I read a headline in an old edition of the Bayonet newspaper this morning that said, "Four light robots put through paces." I immediately got excited and imagined a cartoon Dr. Light testing 4 of his robots...

Until I slapped myself with reality and saw that they meant "ultra-light" robots like the kind they use to defuse bombs. The sad thing is, I was actually really disappointed that my first assumption was wrong...
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2012-01-30 05:00 pm

Columbus Cottonmouths and Micro Wrestling Federation

Well, I had a night out with my husband on Saturday and we went to see the Columbus Cottonmouths (local minor league hockey) and the Micro Wrestling Federation. It was a double event and the tickets were dirt cheap ($16 each for seat about 3 rows away from the glass), so we had to go!

Columbus Cottonmouth's Website Advertising the Event

It was an amusing night. As usual, the Cottonmouths had several fights (though not as many as they did the last time we saw them). I gotta say they didn't skate as well as the other team and they only managed to pull a win out of their asses during overtime. But it was fun anyhow (and sometimes it's more fun to watch the fans than it is to watch the team ;) )

Well, even if the team isn't as fun to watch as a professional team, you can always hope for a fight.

After the Cottonmouths game they set up for the Micro Wrestling Federation. I was curious about how they were going to deal with the ice, it turns out they just threw some rugs down and put a pre-assembled mini wrestling ring on top.

Set up

Set up took a while and they had some awful Karaoke thing going to fill the time. I hope I never have to endue something like that again. Keep in mind the audience was already rowdy and probably quite drunk from the game. So, it got to the point where everyone who started singing was booed even if they were good :p (most weren't though). Still, I thought it was a bit uncivilized/rude...

Finally, the wrestling began. We got to see 4 matches: two match ups between the 4 wrestlers, one tag-team match, and one match that seemed to be almost a free-for-all. ^^; There really isn't much difference between the MWF and the WWF... it's all fake. The only thing that made this more amusing was the fact that they hammed it up like a slapstick routine. Lots of leaping off the ropes, ramming into one another's crotches, playing with props, and even one took a ride on his partner's back. They looked like they generally had fun with it.

Tag-Team Match (These last two pictures aren't very good because most of the lights were off and we were using my husband's iPhone camera.)

I thought is was amusing that they had a lady referee with long blonde hair ^^

One thing that sucked though was there was this yuppie-redneck [I kid you not, it was just a red-neck in a polo shirt and light green sweater] in the front row who kept yelling stupid things at the performers. He was being a total asswipe. He was very obviously drunk and I think his girlfriend (wife?) caught my evil looks when the guy yelled out dumbshit things like, "Hey, you're short!" and "How'd a midget get fat?!" He also tried to climb over the glass briefly, insisting that he could make it over. I was ready to slug this guy. I think the women he and his loser friend were with, were somewhat embarrassed by him. They should have been.

Of course the whole event was just silly and stupid, but I think all "professional" wrestling is. What I liked was they seemed to have fun with it and it was an amusing extra for the evening.