Jan. 30th, 2012

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Well, I had a night out with my husband on Saturday and we went to see the Columbus Cottonmouths (local minor league hockey) and the Micro Wrestling Federation. It was a double event and the tickets were dirt cheap ($16 each for seat about 3 rows away from the glass), so we had to go!

Columbus Cottonmouth's Website Advertising the Event

It was an amusing night. As usual, the Cottonmouths had several fights (though not as many as they did the last time we saw them). I gotta say they didn't skate as well as the other team and they only managed to pull a win out of their asses during overtime. But it was fun anyhow (and sometimes it's more fun to watch the fans than it is to watch the team ;) )

Well, even if the team isn't as fun to watch as a professional team, you can always hope for a fight.

After the Cottonmouths game they set up for the Micro Wrestling Federation. I was curious about how they were going to deal with the ice, it turns out they just threw some rugs down and put a pre-assembled mini wrestling ring on top.

Set up

Set up took a while and they had some awful Karaoke thing going to fill the time. I hope I never have to endue something like that again. Keep in mind the audience was already rowdy and probably quite drunk from the game. So, it got to the point where everyone who started singing was booed even if they were good :p (most weren't though). Still, I thought it was a bit uncivilized/rude...

Finally, the wrestling began. We got to see 4 matches: two match ups between the 4 wrestlers, one tag-team match, and one match that seemed to be almost a free-for-all. ^^; There really isn't much difference between the MWF and the WWF... it's all fake. The only thing that made this more amusing was the fact that they hammed it up like a slapstick routine. Lots of leaping off the ropes, ramming into one another's crotches, playing with props, and even one took a ride on his partner's back. They looked like they generally had fun with it.

Tag-Team Match (These last two pictures aren't very good because most of the lights were off and we were using my husband's iPhone camera.)

I thought is was amusing that they had a lady referee with long blonde hair ^^

One thing that sucked though was there was this yuppie-redneck [I kid you not, it was just a red-neck in a polo shirt and light green sweater] in the front row who kept yelling stupid things at the performers. He was being a total asswipe. He was very obviously drunk and I think his girlfriend (wife?) caught my evil looks when the guy yelled out dumbshit things like, "Hey, you're short!" and "How'd a midget get fat?!" He also tried to climb over the glass briefly, insisting that he could make it over. I was ready to slug this guy. I think the women he and his loser friend were with, were somewhat embarrassed by him. They should have been.

Of course the whole event was just silly and stupid, but I think all "professional" wrestling is. What I liked was they seemed to have fun with it and it was an amusing extra for the evening.


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