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So, I'm still kinda battling that sinus infection that started in July... I usually get over these things within a week at worst. This one has been some kind of mutant infection that keeps changing what it does and where it is located. I haven't had a "fever" since the first week of the infection but I haven't been right since mid-July either.

So, last week I thought I was finally almost done with it, until Saturday when it moved back into the sinus cavity directly behind my nose (it was previously inhabiting my throat and I thought I had it on the run). Since then, it has also clogged my right ear (but only in the mornings) and I have woken up with pain in my neck (probably swollen lymph nodes) which diminishes as the day goes on.

I decided to finally call a doctor to see if I can get something to nuke this thing, because, I'm getting tired of it changing tactics on me. I was quickly reminded of why I don't bother with doctors unless I feel like I'm dying.

The first place I called gave me a lot of BS. I have not been to a doctor in a couple years (other than specialists) and I really have no reason to see a physician unless I am sick. So, I called the office my husband visits. I told them I'd be willing to see ANY doctor that was free this week and they said:

1) They could fit me in this afternoon but only if I come in before 3pm. I explained to them that I could not be there until 3:30 because my last class is 2:45 and it was too late to get a sub, but I'd be happy to ask my boss if I could leave early and come in then (he's reasonable, he'd let me go). They told me that they "don't usually see new patients after 3pm..." um... ok... [but you're open til 5 right? ;p]

2) They said they COULD give me a nurse practitioner (which is better anyhow, they tend to actually LISTEN to you) but I would have to see a regular doctor first... which puts us back to problem #1.

3) They could fit me in on August 18th. Um, yeah I'll either be CURED by then or DEAD.

I made a few more calls and got another office to take me, but not until Thursday afternoon 9_9 By then I will either be REALLY sick, or I will be back to seeing diminishing symptoms and they may not take my infection seriously. I obviously can't fight this on my own for some reason. I think I earned drugs at this point. I TRIED to fight this with my own immune system and it failed.

This is exactly why I don't go to doctors unless I absolutely have to. You call them with a problem that needs immediate attention, and by the time they can fit you in, you are either better (and just wasted $20) or WAY worse. I'm sick now guys, not next week. I want to be seen NOW. What am I supposed to do, plan my illnesses ahead to fit your schedule??? Who goes to a doctor when they feel fine???

I am requesting the afternoon off Thursday. I hope I am sick enough that he gives me something, because if he says I look fine and I get sick again NEXT week, I'm going to be hella pissed. I'll decide later this week if I will even bother taking Friday off too. For now, it looks like I'll just be showing up at work...


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