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So, we were driving back from our unplanned trip along the Agean and Mediterranean coast yesterday (for those who didn't hear me whine yet, our tour to Cappadoccia was cancelled less than 2 days before we were supposed to go so we took a road trip to fill in the time). My husband was doing about 120Km/hr when 3 birds flew out of the bushes. Two splatted on the windshield and rolled off the roof xx;

He offered to go back and look for them but I figured it was pointless (and the roads in Turkey are kinda scary, not many safe pull off places and everything but the toll roads tend to have major potholes). Still, everytime he tells someone that story I feel bad all over again.

Speaking of birds my brother informed me that at E3 Nintendo announced a new Kid Icarus game will be made for the upcoming 3DS (3-D DS system). The game looked sweet from the videos and they used the nice Pit and Paulutena models from Smash Brothers Brawl.

I'm so pumped XD I know I'll be harassing Toygar for a 3DS in the near future (they are also porting Ocarina of Time for the 3D system and adding some stuff to it that might also have something to do with my excitement XD ).

[Also we saw a funny sign in a market here in Turkey advertising DS and DSA games XD I assume they meant DSi, but um all DSi only games are DOWNLOADED CONTENT there are no DSi only cartridges that I know of ^^; I guess they meant the system itself?]


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