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XD It only took me two days to realize I forgot the link in my previous post!

Here is the link to the videos my uncle helped make/starred in ^^; (I also added it to the original post today).

I've been a bit busy/preoccupied the last couple days so I guess I have an excuse ^^; Still trying to study Turkish and while my vocabulary is increasing I'm having difficulty with word order because it's completely backwards compared to English and some sentences I have a real hard time making sense of.

The literal translation will come out something like, "Red circle blue circle more small." When it's really trying to say, "The red circle is smaller than the blue circle," and somehow I'm supposed to remember the first half of what the person said and apply that modifier to it that you don't hear til the end. I still don't get why they would make the last part apply to the first thing and not the second xx;

I decided to actually skip over that lesson because no matter how many times I went over it, it STILL didn't click with me. The lesson after that has been more about vocabulary building again and the word order isn't quite as bad :\ (but that lesson is on left and right and I honestly am not so good with left and right in English ;p It also doesn't help that they make you decipher which hand is holding something in the pictures-- and it's their left not your left xx; )

I also got a response from my uncle regarding the dragon graphic :} He comes from a homebrew hack of a game called "Warlords" and they made it more like the arcade version and dubbed the hack "Medieval Mayhem."

Since it's from the Atari homebrew scene that kinda explains why I didn't recognize that one, as it's really "new" software and would not have been on my Atari ;}
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My uncle shared this series of "Geek Meets Girl" videos that he helped make for the Kansas State 2010 IT Awards. What makes these extra funny for me is he's starring in them as the geeky guy XD I always knew my uncle did music but I didn't know he could act too ^^;

I found them really amusing and all the old Atari game references totally made my day XD Although I recognize a fair number of them (we owned a lot of them at one point and others are legend because of their innovation, like Pitfall II whose music and graphics are featured near the end), I don't know the one with the dragon though. (You'll see what I mean he's hard to miss). I may have to write him and ask him what game that was from.


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