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Well, I got Ocarina of Time 3D today but of course I was one day late to get the free soundtrack from Nintendo. I had a feeling if UPS didn't deliver it yesterday they would have run out of them before I got to register my software. -_-; What makes me mad is this is epic fail on the part of UPS and Amazon.

Firstly, Amazon waited until Saturday to ship it (release was Sunday, so they COULD have shipped it late on Friday) and they shipped it all the way from Philadelphia, PA. I find it very hard to believe they didn't have a distribution center closer to me, especially with anything from DC to Nashville to Atlanta between Philly and here. I paid for 2 day shipping but UPS did NOTHING on Sunday and it didn't even leave the second drop point until yesterday afternoon.

So, I got screwed on BOTH ends. If I hadn't been AWAY this weekend when it was released, I might have just gone down to the local Game Stop, bought a copy, registered THAT and then returned the one I ordered 9_9 But, I was dead tired yesterday after flying home and I was sincerely hoping that if I got it by the 3rd day of release I'd still have enough time. But the demand was high, as I guessed it would be, and they ended the offer last night at midnight Pacific Time.

Fuck you UPS and Amazon. Thanks for nothing.

I guess the bright side is someone will likely rip the tracks and put it up on Bittorrent sooner or later (but I kinda still want the disc...). My husband brought up the possibility that they may sell the soundtrack in the future. But I don't know if they will, seeing as how sometimes those release discs are a limited edition thing... if they do, I may forgive Amazon/UPS for their lameness.

So, I'm kinda bummed here --; All that rushing and paying extra for nothing.

The game is pretty though. They really did some nice work on the new models and textures... but I think I'll be allow myself to be pissed at the collective fail of Amazon and UPS for a couple more days.


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