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Jul. 19th, 2011 08:21 pm
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I have been sick with a sinus infection for the last two days :p So, I haven't been feeling my best. With my traveling this summer, and having company over, I haven't been keeping a close eye on all my junk-mail e-mail addresses.

I was really surprised today when the mailman came and wanted me to sign for a little package :) Nintendo apparently was filling the back-orders for the Ocarina of Time OST and my copy arrived today ^_^

So, I got the free disc after all (I'm one of the lucky ones, I know the offer is completely closed now).

That doesn't mean I've forgiven UPS or Amazon for putting me in that situation in the first place :p I went to the mall last week and pre-ordered Skyward Sword with the local Game Stop and I cancelled my Amazon order >:p I'm not going to go through this again if there is another give away for the 25th anniversary involving Skyward Sword later this year. I will probably continue to order games from Amazon when it is NOT time sensitive, but I am not trusting them to deliver Skyward Sword on time.

So, that was a happy surprise after feeling like CRAP for the last 48hrs.
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So, remember how Amazon and UPS screwed me out of that CD deal?

Well, turns out Nintendo revised the notice about being out of the discs and said they will now fill back orders on a "first come first served basis." They sent me an e-mail letting me know that I'm on the back order list.

So, it'd be nice to get a disc after all. Even if they never do send it (or I'm still too far down the list), it's nice to know they put me on a waiting list. I can't be THAT far down, seeing as how I only registered about 8 hours too late ;p

I guess we will see in the coming weeks.

Once July rolls around I will be registering some new things and working on that gold/platinum status for 2011-2012 XD I also plan to redeem some more of my reward points :) They do give away some nice things, if you buy enough of their first party stuff ^^; (and letting you carry points from year to year is nice of them too so you can save up for that special reward).

So, I guess I can stop being really mad at Amazon/UPS but I think next time there's a really important release, I will be doing my order at the local mall :p (Speaking of which: I'm wondering if I should cancel my year old Amazon pre-order for Skyward Sword now, and go to Game Stop... ;P )
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Does anybody out there know where I might find a few pictures of old video game concept art (particularly of the 8-bit Nintendo era?) I have some old manuals and I may scan those, but I'd much rather have more sketchy stuff like doodles with notes and sketches-- more like the fare you'd find in an art book. I'm working on a lesson idea about video game art for the end of the year and it'd be sweet to do a sprite vs. hand drawn comparison to some of the early stuff. I'm mainly focusing on the art of Shigeru Miyamoto, so Nintendo stuff is preferred.
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A new neighborhood development in Spain decided to name all their streets after various video game characters. "Spanish neighborhood unveils 'Super Mario' street"

Spain has never been real high on my list of places to go, but maybe they aren't so bad after all XD I want to live on Hyrule Lane.

Someone in the comments section said they thought that the unique names would hurt resale value. They are obviously older than 35, because I saw the street names as a selling point. :D Why can't US developments be this awesome?
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I got my Wii back yesterday from the Nintendo service center. Not only did they clean it, but they replaced the optical drive, free of charge. The thing runs SO QUIET now. I think my Wii always had a "noisy" drive and it was a first run Wii. It was still under warranty after all this time O_O So I didn't even have to pay for the shipping and they paid for 2-day air both ways.

That's what I call service :}

<3 you Nintendo.



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