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I finally got around to playing Megaman Legends 1 and I finished it in about 18 hours. That only took me 14 years XD (to be fair, I did get to the final boss YEARS ago, I just never could beat him :\ I must have been woefully unprepared the first time, because it really wasn't all that bad and I even beat him with my buster and no special weapons). Now, I need to play MM Legends 2, which explains the massive amount of plot they drop on you in the last 10 minutes of 1 :p

I also finally got around to buying last year's E3 sensation: Epic Mickey.

I have only played it about an hour to an hour and a half, so these are my first impressions.

The game is interesting so far, but people were right to say that some of the camera angles SUCK ASS. It's like going back to an N64 era 3D game where you get forced into a crappy angle. What makes me mad about some of the angles in Epic Mickey is that sometimes it's to artificially up the challenge of a particular situation.

For example, I'm trying to cross a series of bridges and I have to jump on these short platforms on the wall to get to the next bridge. It will corner me into a close up angle of the wall (looking directly at my character) so that I can't shoot thinner at the enemy waiting for me on the bridge. (And no, it will not let you switch the angle manually with the camera button). Then, when I jump on to the bridge, the guy charges me (and knocks me off into the river of paint thinner). Epic Mickey is Epic Fail in the camera department sometimes. There is no reason to force me into any camera angle in a modern game except to be dicky.

This camera angle thing comes up in the very first obstacle you encounter too. The angle shifts and I couldn't tell if I was on the platform or not and I ran off it twice and had to climb back up.

But I like the overall game play and the concept that you can choose to help people or not. Some puzzles give you the option to repair or destroy in order to solve the puzzle (which affects how people will treat you later). But we'll see if this camera angle thing continues to mar what would otherwise be a really cool game. I don't think I've yelled the phrase, "I got camera angled!!!!" so much since the late 90s.

I also got a new Wiimote, with the motion plus built in, in anticipation for the new Zelda later this year. I figured it would be more comfortable than buying one of those 2 inch adapters for one of my existing remotes. I am so excited :D I wish they'd announce a final release date already.


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