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So, there apparently is this really vague rumor about a Megaman MMO in development. The Facebook MM Fan Group (and video game magazines/blogs) only know a TINY bit about it:

Apparently it is going to be developed alongside a Korean game development company [NeoWiz].

"Capcom hasn't actually announced which Mega Man universe it will feature. In fact, for all the information we CURRENTLY have, it could feature an entirely new universe. The game is only currently being called Mega Man Online, and is almost definitively going to be an MMO. I mean, just look at the initials."

" HAS announced that the new Mega Man game will be for the PC. No one will have to deal with the limited support of the consoles' online systems."

Well... this has the potential to be super special awesome or the worst thing in the history of ever since the Zelda CDi Series.

(If you want to relive the horror of Zelda CDi just look up the cutscenes on YouTube).


I do not PAY for a game more than once. I never have. I understand WHY server fees exist, I just don't LIKE them. My schedule is so nuts I can't guarantee that I will have X-Number of Hours to dedicate to a particular game. I obsess over the "total cost of ownership" and paying a monthly fee for a game that I may or may not have time to play sickens me. Megaman is about the ONLY series I would even CONSIDER doing that for.


It REALLY depends on which series they decide to base the MMO on. If it's going to be based on Battle Network (which is the most likely one because 1) it's already set up in such a way that a MMO would make sense and 2) it's their current cash cow) I am SO NOT IN. Battle Network hasn't excited me since the SECOND GAME (they currently have 6 of them and 3 in a spin off series called Star Force). I played all of 5 minutes of the 3rd game because it had NOTHING new to offer. It was the same lame shit AGAIN and I was not ready to go another round.

Now granted, pretty much EVERY Megaman game is identical within its own series. But Battle Network was identical in a really boring way... I mean at least in the X series you want to know what the Mavericks will do next and how the human/robot relations will further deteriorate. In the original series you want to know how quirky the new Wily scheme will be... Battle Network is just pre-pubescent Netto [Lan] and his Net Navi Rockman [Megaman] EXE saving the whole earth again from the WWW and their lame ass viruses... No thanks.


They desperately need to appeal to the rabid fangirl in me. So, let's say they DO go with either the original series or the X series as the basis. It would all come down to how extensive the game play is and how much I could get into the universe. For example, if they were SMART they'd base it in the original series and allow you to CHOOSE if you want to fight along side Dr. Light or if you want to be a Wily robot. That would be ENDLESSLY COOL and I'd be totally hooked/addicted to something like that. Hell, I'd want a character on each side! If they did that, it could potentially be INSTANT WIN and I'd WANT it and I'd pay the server fees and MAKE TIME for something that cool. Anything less than this is WAY LESS LIKELY to get me to buy into it. (Similarly, I might consider one based in the X series where you get to be a Maverick Hunter or a Maverick, though in that case I know I'd want to be a Hunter... I'm lame like that).


If it's PC based, it will depend on the system requirements. I'm aware my desktop is aging and limited and not gaming ready. I'm likely buying a new laptop at the end of the summer. If it ran on that, I'd be set. If not, I'm not buying a new desktop the same year I buy a new laptop >:p


I am VERY uncomfortable with a company whoring out one of its most important/beloved series to a 3rd party. The fact that Capcom is not doing this THEMSELVES worries me. A LOT. Now I don't know if they hired this Korean company because they figure they can come up with ways to make the game more addictive (since Koreans have so many online gaming addiction problems) or if Capcom is just fucking lazy, or if they just can't be bothered to make Megaman games on their own anymore because they think MM is past it. (Seeing as how it's one of the most enduring game series, they'd be fucking stupid to assume such a thing).

If you want reasons WHY I'm AFRAID of them letting a 3rd party mess with it-- again, I challenge you to watch some of the Zelda CDi cutscenes on YouTube. After seeing those, it will all be so clear to you why this could be the worst game in the history of evar.

So, at this point, I really need more information about the game to even consider being remotely excited about it.


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