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Well, still playing a number of things this summer.

I finished Mega Man Legends 2 today (which I have owned for at least 10 YEARS and never played). I always heard it explained 1 and I gotta say... it certainly had more plot than 1, but I would use the term "explain" very loosely.

Old Game Spoilerage )

I also am still working on Epic Mickey, which I would like SO MUCH BETTER if they didn't intentionally fuck up the camera angles. I can only play it for about 40 minutes at a time because otherwise I get really hella pissed.

I started Ocarina of Time 3D and as I said before, it really is very pretty and I love the new models. I also greatly appreciate the fact that Nintendo understands that while 3D is cool and all, sometimes your eyes get tired and you want to turn it off. The little sliding switch on the side of the 3DS screen that lets you change from 3D to 2D at any time, is such a blessing. I am getting kinda old, and too much 3D makes me tired :p So, I greatly appreciate that I can change the setting anytime I want so I can keep playing and give my eyes a slight break.

So, finally finishing the existing MM Legends series makes me happy. Especially, since they are supposedly making 3 this year for the 3DS. I guess we'll see if Capcom comes through. They have this tendency to cancel projects and this is not the first time that Legends 3 was discussed 9_9


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