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So, I was healthy for about ONE WEEK after taking those antibiotics. I felt good and when I went for my follow up, all was well.

Three days later on Saturday, I began to develop a slight sore throat. It got worse and worse and by Tuesday I was really worried that I was getting some kind of crazy tonsillitis. I managed to get an appointment Tuesday afternoon and saw the doctor again.

He did a double take when he saw me. I told him I thought I was coming down with tonsillitis now and he was surprised to find that I was swollen and had a fever. (Ya know, as if I like going to the doctor every week).

He put me back on the antibiotics I just took -- which makes me nervous because of their many side effects. I'm getting some of the side effects again and I keep wondering when the one ambiguous one crosses from being "normal" to being on the "severe" list... because it's on BOTH. (My guess is frequency???) In any case, it has been mild but if it continues I guess I'm going to have to talk to a pharmacist and see if this requires medical attention this week. On the plus side, my throat is better :p

On top of this, I seem to have contracted a cold or mild flu (the symptoms of which can also be a "severe" side effect -- but I think only if it ISN'T an ACTUAL a cold/flu). I know for a fact that there is a cold going around school. I saw kids earlier this week sniffling/sneezing all over the place. When I questioned one, she said "Oh no it's allergies." Bullshit, your mom/dad sent you to school SICK.

By Friday I caught kids getting up about once every 2-3 minutes to take tissues. One kid used about 15 tissues that class period. On Friday, I too was using about 15 tissues per class period ;p Then one of my co-workers picked up her class. She saw me blowing my nose. Her voice was all raspy and she said, "I'll bet one of my kids gave it to you!" I told her that everyone in the school seems to be getting it ;p (and I see half the school in one day on both Wednesday and Friday, so my chances of getting something that is going around are pretty high).

I really don't know what to do anymore. It's beginning to feel like I'll never be "well" again.

Maybe I should start wearing latex gloves at work ;p Because I really can't take any more of this. My poor immune system seems to be spent and it needs recovery time.


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