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So, I started my summer vacation about a week ago. I've been trying to finish the last couple of pictures for the Isaiah book (the one we started about 3 years ago xx; ) and with any luck I should be done with it by the end of the week (providing that the writer likes what I did for the last couple and we are in agreement). I'm still new at the whole illustration thing and I hope that they look ok... it's hard to tell sometimes how they will look when printed and I spend a lot of time second guessing myself. I worry that I over edit things and cause some of my own problems --;

Things have been somewhat uneventful otherwise. Except for the flies...

For some reason or another we are having a fly problem in the apartment. At first, I thought that maybe it was just them getting in when we open the door to bring in groceries or whatnot. The apartments have no screen doors, even though they open directly to the outside, and the cat has this habit of bolting as soon as the door is open. She likes to roll around outside and eat random plants. I don't mind too much, and we don't let her stay out too long, but I assumed that this was what was bringing the flies in.

Our cat is lazy and isn't very good at hunting. She has this problem with playing with what little prey she does catch, and she can't seem to just end it. She'll pounce on something, know that it is under her paw, but she doesn't kill it or eat it. She will lift up her paw to look at it, poke it, and then it usually escapes. So, when we had a fly or two buzzing around in the evenings, I just chalked it up to her being a crappy hunter, as usual.

That was until yesterday when I saw a couple flies buzzing around. I turned to tell my husband that his lazy cat sucks at catching anything, when I saw that the dining room window sill had at least 10-15 flies on it all crawling around and buzzing under the blinds. It was like a scene out of "The Amityville Horror" or possibly a Hitchcock film. I yelled out, "Oh my God, there are flies EVERYWHERE!!! QUICK get something to KILL them with!!!" The only bug spray we had was this old can of Hotshot for ants and roaches which we bought when the car had an ant nest and I was attacked by ants while driving. I sprayed those flies til they were wet and they died pretty quickly.

We then began looking for the cause of the problem, but didn't find anything right away except for another 10 or so flies on another window sill (which I sprayed as well). The files were not upstairs at all (which was odd but I'm not complaining) and I still do not know where they came from (but I have found a few more dead and dying ones since yesterday).

My biggest fear is that there is a yet, undiscovered, fly nest somewhere in the house. One summer, my parent's house was FILLED with flies. It was so bad my mom started paying me a quarter for every fly I killed for her (we had small kids in the house so poison was out, we were using fly swatters and non-poisonous things to kill them). It turned out there was a nest in the house and they were just breeding like crazy until we found it. I will DIE if I find a nasty bed of maggots someplace in the apartment D: It was gross enough the FIRST TIME it happened in my life.

The poison seems to be killing the stragglers though. My only concern was the cat getting sick from it but she seems to be ok.


May. 9th, 2010 02:18 pm
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The cat made me bang into a glass of water which drenched my laptop. I don't know if it will work or not, trying to dry it out right now... I probably won't know until tomorrow. I'm not getting my hopes up.

I wanted to replace it after this summer anyhow. I bought it in 2004 around this time of year so it's a full 6 years old and even surfing the net/chatting online was getting to be on the slower side. All I really used it for these days was net surfing, light image editing (because Photoshop was so slow on it) and chatting online.

I'm a bit upset right now --; Kinda glad Toygar isn't here because I will be inconsolable for a while. I'm upset that it happened, mad how it happened, and I just wasn't ready to part with it in general yet. I was trying to save us money by putting off replacing it.

Toygar would probably offer to let me use his, but I don't want to... It's one thing for me to ruin MINE it's even WORSE if I ruin his...

I guess I'll either move the big PC downstairs or turn up the volume on AIM and go upstairs to look when I have messages for the next 3 weeks :\


It's the waiting that's the worst part... I still really don't know if it's officially dead. I'm going to have a rough night -_-;


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