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My summer was pretty crazy:

- 4 weeks in Turkey
- a week in NJ
- 5 days in Pittsburgh to collect my things
- 1 day driving 14hrs. from Pittsburgh to Columbus, GA
- about 4 days of unpacking, cleaning dishes that were in the garage for 2 years, and repairing scratches on wood furniture
- a new laptop (what's up with the Windows 7 screen saver bug that makes you lose your task bar??? How the hell did they miss that one when beta testing?)
- converting my PA license into a GA one (I have to wait 2-4 weeks before they send me the new one, til then I have a lame paper print out 9_9 Also they made me take off my glasses for the photo-- I've worn glasses since I was EIGHT. I look WEIRD without them. WTF Georgia?!)

I still have a week left to do whatever before I have to go back to work. I kinda wish I had a little more time to goof off... next summer I want to spend more time at home, less time running around xx;

In the meantime, I think I'll work on Monster Hunter Tri. I like playing with my brother online, it's just awesome! XD With Wii Speak it's like he's in another room in the same house instead of 4 states away. I know he goes back to school pretty soon, I hope we can find some time to game once in a while.

Though, honestly, I probably OUGHT to be working on sorting, color correcting and formatting my 14 Gigs of pictures from Turkey --; (no it's not a typo, I took nearly 14 Gigs of pictures).

Games I need to buy in the near future: Mario Galaxy 2, Dragon Quest IX

Ugh sometime next week I should go through my school things and decide what I'm taking into the classroom at the beginning of the year... I think I kinda wanna start with Native Americans this year... Hopefully, this year will be a little more relaxed since we aren't being visited by the accreditation people.

Somehow, despite all the running around this summer felt long...


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