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Well, still playing a number of things this summer.

I finished Mega Man Legends 2 today (which I have owned for at least 10 YEARS and never played). I always heard it explained 1 and I gotta say... it certainly had more plot than 1, but I would use the term "explain" very loosely.

Old Game Spoilerage )

I also am still working on Epic Mickey, which I would like SO MUCH BETTER if they didn't intentionally fuck up the camera angles. I can only play it for about 40 minutes at a time because otherwise I get really hella pissed.

I started Ocarina of Time 3D and as I said before, it really is very pretty and I love the new models. I also greatly appreciate the fact that Nintendo understands that while 3D is cool and all, sometimes your eyes get tired and you want to turn it off. The little sliding switch on the side of the 3DS screen that lets you change from 3D to 2D at any time, is such a blessing. I am getting kinda old, and too much 3D makes me tired :p So, I greatly appreciate that I can change the setting anytime I want so I can keep playing and give my eyes a slight break.

So, finally finishing the existing MM Legends series makes me happy. Especially, since they are supposedly making 3 this year for the 3DS. I guess we'll see if Capcom comes through. They have this tendency to cancel projects and this is not the first time that Legends 3 was discussed 9_9
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The poor man is so tolerant of my little quirks. He's not much of a gamer and I don't think he entirely understands my fixation on it (a lot of it stems from fond memories of playing with my brothers, and rabid fandom for some of the longer running series). But he allows me to generally get what I want ^^; He says he enjoys when I talk passionately about something.

Well, today he randomly took me to an EB Games and told me to buy a 3DS. I wasn't sure if he was serious or not, but apparently he was. I kept asking him if we had the money for it (since it's not cheap :p ) and he urged me to get it anyhow without fully answering my question. 9_9 But, it turns out we are in a good position this month and we did have enough for a little splurging. ^_^; (He keeps the books, so he would know how we are doing).

I think the guy in the store was annoyed when I didn't want to join their rewards program XD I know I buy a TON of games and a rewards program sounds like a good investment on the surface. But I'm not going to spend $15 a year to join their little club. When he mentioned an extended warranty:

Me: "Eh, I'll register it with Club Nintendo, they will extend the warranty when I register it..."*
Guy: "But you earn extra points when you turn in pre-owned games..."
Me: "I don't get rid of anything... ever." **
Husband: "Believe me, she doesn't."
Guy: "But that's how we stay in business!"
Me: "I just did a pin replacement on my NES and I replaced all the pads in my controllers... I keep everything."

He quit trying after that XD

*(Which they do, they give you an extra 90-days for free -- and I honestly never had problems with any cartridge based Nintendo system, ever. I've also owned pretty much every incarnation of a Nintendo portable since the original Game Boy with the exception of Game Boy Pocket. That is the ONLY one I have never owned. [Had a GB Pocket Color, though]. So, I SERIOUSLY DOUBT it will EVER break unless I am REALLY STUPID. All my old ones STILL WORK).

**(I still have my Game Boy Pocket Color and my original Game Boy is in my parent's house. I still have an original Game Boy Advance, GBA SP, an ORIGINAL DS, a DS Lite, and that's not even talking about my NES, SNES, N64, GC, PS1, PS2... you get the idea...)

When we came home the cat was insanely jealous of it for some reason. I guess it's because as soon as I came home I began reading the 115 page manual*** and I wouldn't pay attention to her even when she was rolling around on the floor pretending to be cute. She did get my attention when she tried to eat the packaging though ;p

*** No, I did not read the ENTIRE thing... just about 30 pages of it XD

I was surprised that the 3DS actually came WITH an SD card. It's only a 2 gig one, but I thought it was nice of them to include one anyway (I just pulled my 8 gig card out of my DSi though, so I have music now and much more space). I'll probably use the 2 gig card that it came with in my digital camera XD It also comes with a cute charging cradle which I'm not sure I will ever actually use... maybe... I don't know. I'm just so used to plugging it into the wall with the adapter (which you can still do). The charging cradle seems like an unnecessary middle man. But at least I didn't have to buy it as an accessory, it was included. I'm also pleased that it is about the same size as the DS/DSi which means my Zelda carrying case will do for now. (My husband breathed a sigh of relief when I told him it fit, he didn't have to run out and spend more money! XD Though, I did see a cute Mario one I kinda liked...)

It took me a while to set it up. I had to play with various settings, try out some of the software that comes with it, download the transfer program for the DSi (so I don't have to rebuy Pictobits, or my Mario alarm clock and calculator), and update it. It wasn't long before I went on the shop channel to claim my free "Pokedex 3D" game and free "Excitebike 3D" as well as buy "Zelda: Link's Awakening DX" for the Game Boy Color XD (Zelda was not free -- shh don't tell him I spent more money! I used to play this one while on family car trips in the summer ^_^ Though, I honestly played the original 4 tone GB version more than the colorized GBC version. And yes, I have the original upstairs in the closet with my GBC I think I have the "black and white" one too... I don't get rid of anything, remember?)

Only a couple little weird things:

1) For whatever reason, when I transferred my DSi data, the Pokemon Dreamworld in Pokemon Black seems to think I already did my login for today :p I did not login today. I'm hoping it lets me go to the Dreamworld tomorrow or we may have a problem :\

2) I knew this going in, but when you transfer your data from the DSi to the 3DS it loses all your DSi ware save data. This means I need to redo EVERYTHING in Pictobits... which... is ok, I guess. But I had unlocked ALL the songs and I had unlocked all the dark stages... Oh well. I like Pictobits so, no HUGE loss. I'd play it again.

I like the 3DS so far but what I'm really waiting for is the release of "Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D" this weekend. Besides being in 3D, they redid some of the character models making them smoother and added the Master Quest (which I honestly already have on a Game Cube Disc, but we won't talk about that -- since most people do not have that disc ^^; ). The Augmented Reality stuff is cute and the 3D is fun. I can't believe setting it up and playing with the features this ate my whole afternoon. XD

The only thing I feel bad about is... my DSi is now officially the most useless Nintendo portable I have :p My husband got it for me as a birthday present a couple years ago. So, it has some sentimental value... but honestly? The thing only plays DS games... no GBA games. My DS Lite does both... (As does the original DS -- though these days, it seems more intelligent to carry a GBA SP if you want to play GBA games because that also plays GB and GBC games...). I dunno... I haven't decided what to do with it yet. I'm not sure if my husband would want it... my brother already put in a bid for it XD I need to decide if I'm ready to let go though.
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So, we were driving back from our unplanned trip along the Agean and Mediterranean coast yesterday (for those who didn't hear me whine yet, our tour to Cappadoccia was cancelled less than 2 days before we were supposed to go so we took a road trip to fill in the time). My husband was doing about 120Km/hr when 3 birds flew out of the bushes. Two splatted on the windshield and rolled off the roof xx;

He offered to go back and look for them but I figured it was pointless (and the roads in Turkey are kinda scary, not many safe pull off places and everything but the toll roads tend to have major potholes). Still, everytime he tells someone that story I feel bad all over again.

Speaking of birds my brother informed me that at E3 Nintendo announced a new Kid Icarus game will be made for the upcoming 3DS (3-D DS system). The game looked sweet from the videos and they used the nice Pit and Paulutena models from Smash Brothers Brawl.

I'm so pumped XD I know I'll be harassing Toygar for a 3DS in the near future (they are also porting Ocarina of Time for the 3D system and adding some stuff to it that might also have something to do with my excitement XD ).

[Also we saw a funny sign in a market here in Turkey advertising DS and DSA games XD I assume they meant DSi, but um all DSi only games are DOWNLOADED CONTENT there are no DSi only cartridges that I know of ^^; I guess they meant the system itself?]


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