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Today I was greeted with this nice message from a NEW replacement computer that they JUST put in about a month ago:

Error: 1720-SMART Hard Drive Detects Imminent Failure
Failing Drive: SATA0 (Dark Blue)
Failing Attribute: #5

I wouldn't CARE if it was pretty much any other computer in the classroom (even my main work station). However, this computer is the primary for the class projector and I had a lesson introduction to do during the second period (and there is NO WAY tech support was going to fix it this WEEK let alone by second class).

I TRIED to move a different computer over there only to find that EVERY computer in the class uses a DIFFERENT Video cable-- the broken one is using a DMS-59 to regular VGA monitor conversion cable (which makes having the special video card kind of, I dunno... STUPID) and all the OTHER computers in the class are using DVI-D cables exclusively with no conversion cables. The projector itself is regular standard VGA.

I realize I can get a CONVERTER for these (whatever to VGA) but I won't likely find one when I NEED one (and Worst Buy will charge me $50 for a $10 converter) and if I order one, I'll probably get it after they fix it 9_9

The STUPID thing is I don't even own a computer new enough to USE any of these freaking cables. I only just now learned the names of all these dumb cables because when I pulled them out and I looked at them and I went O_O "WTF IS THAT THING?!?!?!"

Thank you DoDEA for making it so that NOTHING is compatible in this room and I'm effectively screwed until SOMEONE comes along to fix this mess.

In the meantime, I may just bring my old laptop in (VGA monitor out yay!) to run tomorrow's introduction-- because of course the computer would break when I have more than one new lesson coming up 9_9 The only consolation I have is that this did NOT happen on a day when I had Pre-K xx; because the class I had today was ok with crowding around a little computer monitor -- if I asked Pre-K to do that it would have been like World War 3.


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