Jun. 18th, 2012 03:25 pm
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Well, it looks like my husband got that job with the bank. They want him to start on the 2nd of July.

They were slightly disappointed he couldn't start next Monday, but they didn't send him any paperwork -- nor wrote him any e-mails which could be cited as an offer -- until he passed the drug test. He wrote them this morning and the HR lady wrote back saying he passed and she would be sending him papers to fill out. He should bring those on his first day. We are still waiting on that e-mail containing said papers :p

So, my husband told her he had to give his employer 2 weeks notice. I mean, if they hadn't been so wishy-washy about the whole thing, he probably could have started next week like they wanted ;p But I told him: 1) two weeks is standard notice and his new job would have expected the same courtesy. 2) If they wanted you to start next week, they should have given you a more definite answer last week. 3) They have to understand that if you are not given a concrete answer then surely you wouldn't be so stupid as to tell your current employer that you are splitting ;p

So, anyhow, he's giving his notice today. We are still hoping to close on the house next Thursday, but we don't know if we will for certain or not. That is mostly dependent on our credit union finishing the paperwork.

I guess now that he is working for a bank, I should be careful about talking shit on banks in general XD I hope they will not expect him to have his paycheck deposited into one of their accounts :p (They probably prefer it...) That will be a headache... I am NOT leaving my credit union -- especially since they do not sell your loan or charge mortgage insurance to members.

If we had agreed to a loan with ANYONE else: 1) They would sell it to the highest bidder -- multiple times over the next 30 years. 2) They would have charged us mortgage insurance every month unless you put 20%+ down.

The lack of mortgage insurance fees probably saved us $100-200 a month on our monthly payment and we didn't have to shell out our entire life savings. (Which allowed us to take advantage of the low interest rates right now).

Anyhow, I guess we have a lot of big changes coming up. We need to go shopping and buy him some proper clothes for this job ;)

Also, my neck/upper back hurts... I must have slept on it wrong... I am not happy about this. It makes me feel like crap.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that the seller is fixing almost everything on our list of demands :) He is only patching the roof-- as that is all his insurance will pay for, but a new roof is only $5,000 -- so if it gives us trouble in the future, no big deal.

Also, we were at the house on Friday last week to have it measured for carpet and I saw that a lot of the changes had already been made, including fixing that pipe under the sink-- no more ants, yay! The electrician came while we were there and he oked the panel box too :) So, I am feeling pretty good about this.

The bad news is my husband was browsing houses online and saw a 4 bedroom near our current apartment that was only in the $140's ;p Buuut on that street at that price, my first question would be "what is wrong with it?" ;p So, yeah he needs to stop looking so we don't end up with buyers remorse ^^;


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