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Date: 2013-07-09 08:41 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] wandererriha
She then told him he checks on his daughter too much. We were both like WTF? She's his DAUGHTER and he didn't see her all day. I hardly think he is checking on her too much ;p and even if he is, it's not going to hurt her when she's THIS YOUNG.

Family Story:
Dad was on deployment for much of my and my sister's infancy. Ergo, the few weeks he was granted leave when I was born, he was holding me if no one else was. He usually came home during my afternoon nap (NC in summer means a 4AM - 12PM work day because OMG HEEEEEEEAT) and even though I was asleep, he would pick me up and cuddle me. BECAUSE HE COULD DAMMIT.

Granny (who is her own version of Special but I still say MIL wins for sheer wtf- at least Granny doesn't try to SPREAD her Crazy) was down helping with New Baby Stuffs and she saw dad doing this. She didn't SAY anything but dad says defensively: "It's my baby." XD

Yus. Toygar can fuss over Maryam all he wants. He is dad. He is entitled to do this. ;}

Meanwhile, MIL still does not believe me when I tell her that the baby poops in the middle of every feeding and she shouldn't leave her diaper wide open.


Why would ANYONE leave a kid's diaper open unless they have a wicked case of diaper rash? :P That's just plain stupid.

I keep kinda hoping the baby decides to have an explosive poop when she's doing that. Sure, I'd get hit too, but it'd be worth it ;)

XD Agreed.
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