Jan. 17th, 2012

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From the Columbus Cottonmouths Website

"Micro Wrestling Federation brings their show to the Snake Pit on Saturday, Jan. 28, presented by Ride on Bikes and PTAP. To accommodate, the Snakes have moved their game up to 6 pm with gates opening at 5. The first 1,500 fans to come through the gates will receive a free chicken basket, courtesy of Centerplate. This is not included in the season ticket holder guaranteed giveaway package as it a promotion through Centerplate. Midget Wrestling will take place shortly following the game. The cost of the hockey ticket includes the Midget Wrestling show, which will be approximately an hour and a half. Due to the shared venue with the Micro Wrestling Federation, no coupons or free ticket vouchers will be accepted for this game."

Why am I ridiculously excited at the prospect of the Micro Wrestling Federation performing after a minor league hockey game? And why am I going to pester my husband until he buys me tickets? XD (to be fair he's the one who told me about it! So, I blame him for this).


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