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Jun. 12th, 2012 06:36 pm
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Well looks like we might be buying a house soon. We have been under contract for a couple weeks now on a 3br/2bth house. Inspection went relatively well, and the list of repairs was honestly not that bad (considering all the terrible things that can go wrong with a home).

It needs some roof work and the seller just got back to us, promising to have a roofer repair the damage. He's not going so far as to replace the entire roof, but the roofer he is using has a good reputation in the area and we will ask for a guarantee on the work he does. We found out that a full replacement will run about $5,000 so in the future if we want to replace it ourselves it won't completely wreck us financially, which is nice to know because a replacement is probably likely going to happen eventually.

I'm glad he didn't nitpick our list of repairs. The things I would consider "major" are largely going to be taken care of. (Such as the flexible line they used under the sink which is probably trapping food in the kitchen -- there were a suspicious number of ants in the sink). So, I am happy to hear this and I think we will be ok.

My husband is always looking for new jobs and he interviewed with a local bank a couple of weeks ago. It was an intense process in which they had him interview twice on the phone and then come in for a 3rd in-person interview. The in-person interview was a series of three interviews with all people involved in the department. So, it was an serious vetting process. They even made him write a proposal! (I helped him with that a little, because he had the ideas but was having trouble finding the words).

He thought he did well and was hopeful -- until he had to do one final phone interview with a gentleman who could not be there the day he went in to talk to the other three people. They asked him to call the guy and talk to him at a specific time/day. So, he confirmed the phone appointment with a secretary the day before and called as scheduled.

The guy flipped out on him when he called and started badgering him on the phone, demanding to know who he was and why the hell he was calling. Apparently NO ONE thought to tell this guy that my husband was supposed to call him! So he had a terrible interview which lasted about 20 minutes with this guy yelling at him and being somewhat hostile and curt. My husband was devastated and blamed himself for "messing up." I assured him that if he lost this job because of THAT, then it was NOT his fault!

So, a couple weeks passed and he thought for sure by this past Monday that he was out of the running. I always hate when he doesn't get a job because he starts going in circles about how he "isn't good enough" or "didn't try hard enough." So, I spent most of Monday soothing his delicate ego and trying to convince him that everything will be fine.

Today we were awakened at 8am when the recruiter called to tell him that she sent him a document via FedEx yesterday and it should be arriving today. Apparently, according to her, the job is as good as his just as soon as they get a clear drug test. (The document in the mail was a form that he had to take to the clinic -- we got it around 9:30am). It was the most bizarre thing because he has not received an acceptance letter yet. Usually, you sign all the paperwork and do the drug test last... So, I don't know why they are doing it in this order, but it seems that there is a very strong possibility that he got this job :)

We, of course, are trying not to get too excited until is is officially announced to him and he is signing papers. But if he does get this job, he will work normal 9-5 hours (or 9:30-5:30), have all bank holidays off and his salary might actually double if we read the salary schedule right O_O; (Which just means he'll be paid fairly ;p because he is NOT paid fairly at his current job). It would be good for us, because with the new house being further away from work than our apartment, he won't be able to come home for dinner anymore and I would only see him on the weekends :\

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed now that by the end of the week, he can tell that bitch manager of his that he's leaving ;) He REALLY needs to get away from her.
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